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11 Practical Workouts for Side Fat Reduction

Trim side fat with these 11 practical workouts! Target those areas effectively to reduce side fat and sculpt a slimmer waistline.

Excess abdominal fat causes headaches to many people who want to stay in shape and get the figure they desire. Side fat, also known as love handles, is one of the most stubborn fats accumulating around the waist.

Our bodies store it around these parts as a survival mechanism. Getting rid of it, however, is certainly not as easy as you’d imagine! So, looking for an adequate workout for side fat reduction has become necessary.  

When you are determined to achieve your goal, discovering the right ways is crucial. Many exercises are considered beneficial, but you need to find out what works for your body.

To help you achieve your goal easier, we have created a list of workouts that can help you say goodbye to those stubborn love handles!  

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What Workouts for Side Fat Are Proven to Work? 

When it comes to exercises for side fat, you have numerous options. As I mentioned previously, you will need to listen to your body and find the ones that give you positive outcomes.

Nonetheless, you should not forget that besides working out, you must establish balance in your daily routines. That means introducing healthier habits and changing your lifestyle 

While workout sessions can do miracles for your body, you cannot forget that being in shape means more than just spending an hour at the gym. Combining good exercise with healthy life choices will give you the desired results. 

So, for a good head-start, you should begin with practical exercises. Losing love handles means incorporating cardiovascular exercises, strength training, as well as a basic core workout. If you are willing to get rid of your side fat, then combining exercises of all types is essential. Otherwise, you may succeed only halfway, which is surely not what you want! 

Below, you will see some good ideas for workout sessions you might want to explore. 

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1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) 

HIIT is one of the most beneficial workouts for side fat, providing fascinating outcomes. Since love handles will not go away without intense work, including HIIT in your exercise routine is highly recommended. This type of training includes short bursts of excessive training followed by short breaks.  

HIIT is known as a great way to burn calories in a short period of time, hence the successful loss of weight. It can greatly impact the reduction of fat in the waist, making you one step closer to your desired physique.  

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2. Running  

If you want to step away from the gym, running might be a great idea. This is an amazing cardiovascular type of workout that provides awesome results. Running effectively burns calories, leading to weight loss. Plus, not only will it help you eliminate side fat, but also improve your overall mental and physical well-being.  

3. Cycling  

Another way to decrease the amount of side fat in your body is by including cycling in your routine. Cycling can be a great way to exercise your muscles and burn calories, whether you ride stationary bikes or out in the open.

Moreover, it is a good way to do some cardio while avoiding the ordinary intense exercises you might not be too fond of.  

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4. Russian Twists  

Since doing cardio exercises solely will not help you get rid of love handles, you will need to incorporate some strength training as well. The Russian twist is one of the best strength workouts for side fat reduction. This exercise directly affects your waist area, so it can help you eliminate fat in it.  

To perform a Russian twist, sit down on the floor with your knees bent and legs flat. Take a few steps, then lift your legs off the ground.

Hold a dumbbell or a medicine ball with both hands and twist your shoulders to the right, bringing the weight to the right side of your body. You should repeat these movements to the left and right side of your body. 

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5. Oblique Crunches  

Another exercise that directly affects your love handles is the oblique crunch. This will fire up your entire core but strictly activate your obliques. You need workouts that include these kinds of exercises to get rid of side fat.  

To perform oblique crunches, lay down on your back and place your knees on the side, activating the side core. With your arms extended and clasped, reach the top of your knees to the point when you feel your oblique muscles are engaged. Repeat these movements on each side an equal number of times.  

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6. Bicycle Crunches  

Crunches will always be in the mix because they directly work on your waist area. Bicycle crunches involve moving both your legs and torso at the same time. It is quite intense but certainly beneficial.  

Bicycle crunches are quite similar to oblique crunches but with a continuous motion. While extending your right leg and turning it on its side in a pedaling motion, you should bend your right hand towards your left knee. You should repeat this motion several times on each side.  

7. Cable Twists  

If you’re a seasoned gym rat, take advantage of the cable machine. Cable twists are great exercises for losing side fat while moving your whole body. Unlike crunches, they are done in a standing position.  

Stand in front of a cable machine with a rope or handle attachment to do cable twists.  Pull it into your body by putting both hands on it and keeping your feet shoulder-width away. Then, twist your torso to pull them together. During the whole movement, remember to keep your arms straight.  

8. Woodchoppers  

The best way to attack love handles effectively is by using woodchoppers. This workout for side fat can be done both standing and lying on the ground. It directly impacts your sides, so you will surely feel your whole core burning. To do woodchoppers, you should use a medicine ball or a dumbbell.   

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You can perform these movements by standing in front of a cable machine. You will need a rope or hook attached to it if using a cable machine. Holding the strap with both hands, rotate your abdomen to push this attachment down into your body, keeping your arms in line. Then, raise your feet shoulder-width away from each other.  

9. Side Planks  

If the above-mentioned strength training workouts are too intense for you, you can try regular core exercises. Plank is one of the basic core movements you should not miss out on. It is quite beneficial, especially with variations like the side plank. 

To do side planks, lie on your side with an elbow directly under the shoulder. Your legs need to be stacked against one another. Raise your knees off the ground, keeping your body straight. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, or longer, as you progress, then switch to the other side. 

10. Side Bridge with a Leg Lift  

Side bridges are recommended core exercises for side fat. They enable you to work solely on your waist area. When your goal is eliminating love handles, then such core variations are necessary.  

You should start with your elbow underneath your shoulder in the side plank position. Without compromising your balance, raise the upper leg to a height that is as tall as you like, but don't overdo it. Before switching from one to the other, complete each rep on both sides. 

11. Plank with Hip Dips  

Another plank variation with major benefits is doing this exercise with hip dips. It might get quite hard on your waist, but it will be absolutely worth it. Since side fat does not go away very easily, what better way to engage your core than by performing plank variations?  

To do a plank with hip dips, you should get into a forearm plank position. Slowly lower your right hip to the floor, then return to the center. The same should be repeated on the left side.  

Is Workout Enough to Reduce Side Fat?  

Every type of training should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. This means eating healthily and having a balanced diet is a must. It is the only way to get the results you desire. Therefore, ensure that you cut on sugary food and focus more on meals that are high in protein.   

Workouts for side fat reduction indeed require great effort, but the outcomes are nothing short of amazing. Getting rid of those love handles will let you achieve the shape of your body you want. Plus, it will lead you to a confidence boost, and we are all striving for that.  

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