30-Day Workout Challenge for Beginners (Easy Exercises)

30-Day Workout Challenge for Beginners (Easy Exercises)

Kickstart your fitness journey! Learn about great tested 30-day workout challenge for beginners. Simple exercises, big results. Let's get moving and transform your body.
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You have decided to lose weight but do not know how to start. Generally, the most difficult part of working out is creating a habit out of it, especially if you are a rookie. Moreover, it can be quite hard to motivate yourself to exercise every day, given that you probably have lots of other tasks you have to do at home or at work. However, I’m here to tell you some good news- something that will change your mind and inspire you to achieve your goal.  

A 30-day workout challenge for beginners is a great way to build up consistency in exercising and getting the desired results. This method works because it consists of easy exercises, meaning you don’t expose your body to intense, hard training sessions. If you want to get in shape quickly, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this guide to discover what it takes to start your journey to building the body you’ve always desired! 

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What is a 30-Day Workout Challenge for Beginners? 

A 30-day workout challenge is a program that contains exercises for beginners, and its main goal is to help you get results quickly. This challenge is focused on boosting people’s motivation and helping them create a workout habit. Many beginners tend to give up once the exercises become difficult and intense. Then, they resort to not exercising for a long time until they decide to try everything once again. 

This is a kind of vicious circle it’s tough to get out of. That is why there is a need for specially designed programs that work in favor of beginners like you. After 30 days, people have already built a habit of exercising and can strive to achieve more. That is, they can set new, more challenging goals until they reach the desired results.  

Searching for a 30-day workout challenge for beginners online will probably come across numerous options. Many of them have similar exercises, which is quite expected since the program is intended to motivate beginners. The key lies in the easy training sessions that don’t involve complex movements or a very intense series of exercises. 

The main difference between these programs is the individual fitness goals people set for themselves. For instance, you can find cardio exercises, strength training, core workouts, and so on. Most of them have one mutual goal - weight loss. Even though working out is a step towards a healthy lifestyle, many of us start exercising to lose weight.  

When it comes to weight loss exercises for beginners, these 30-day challenges show the most promising results. Therefore, I always recommend starting from the very beginning and slowly building up to more challenging workouts. If you begin training intensely, you may cause a counter-effect, which you probably want to avoid.  

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What Are The Benefits of 30-Day Workout Challenges?  

If these workout challenges don’t come with any benefits, they won’t be so popular. It is a fact that they are made to work out as long as you do, too. In other words, if you set your mind on completing the challenge, then expect to enjoy all the advantages of a beginner 30-day workout challenge. Some of the benefits include the following:  

1. Good start to building a workout routine  

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to working out is the ability to stay consistent in your training sessions. Usually, people tend to give up when they do not have a clear agenda for their fitness goals. In other words, when you don’t have a plan for your training sessions, then you are most likely to fail. Maybe you will not give up entirely, but you won’t stick to your exercising as you desire.  

On the other hand, a well-established fitness plan with already-determined exercises and sessions has a different impact. People tend to stick to agendas that are outlined for them. That’s why, in numerous cases, challenges work and provide desirable outcomes. People continue their workout routine once the challenge is over because they have already gotten used to it.  

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2. Addition of healthy habits to one’s lifestyle  

Another important reason why people begin exercising is because they want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Besides a healthy diet, you need to include physical activity in your daily routine if you want real results. However, habits take time until they are formed, so you must stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.  

Even if you start a program for a beginner weight loss workout and your goal is to get rid of the extra pounds you carry, you will still create a healthy habit. That’s the beauty of these challenges! You get many benefits although you have aimed only for one. And I can tell you, after you get used to exercising, you will never want to give it up.  

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3. Improved fitness levels  

Exercises for beginners will help you improve your fitness level and ensure you stay in shape. As you go through the program, you will notice that you can climb the stairs without losing your breath or walk for long hours without getting tired. Those are the results of a consistent workout. 

You don’t have to engage in intense training sessions to stay in shape and be fit. Even mild exercises can do miracles for your body. So, it is definitely worth the try!  

Examples of Beginner 30-Day Workout Challenges  

As I mentioned before, if you are trying to find some challenges online, you will find a great deal of them. Some people may get confused and overwhelmed by the numerous options, so I have included some programs as examples. These consist of easy exercises suitable for rookies, and they have shown results.  

  • Runstatic - 28-Day Workout for Beginners: This is an ideal program for people who want to exercise at home without any equipment. Moreover, it is a great option for those with busy schedules and little free time. Exercising at home gives you the flexibility to do it at your own pace, which is why it is so convenient.  
  • SkinnyMs. - 30-Day Home Workout Challenge for Beginners: It is another workout designed for home conditions. It is specified for women even though many exercises are suitable for men, too. The program begins very lightly and easily and progresses over time. 
  • The Men’s Health 30-Day Workout Challenge: This is a challenge designed for men. It includes easy exercises aimed at weight loss, building mass, and toning the body.  

Healthy Diets That Complement The 30-Day Workout Challenge 

Whether you want to lose weight or just tone your body, the workout challenge you are about to start will be more effective if accompanied by healthy eating habits. A healthy diet and exercise always go hand in hand. So, don’t expect the desired results without the combination of the two.  

Nonetheless, when I talk about a healthy diet, I do not refer to strict regimens that include counting calories and stuff. On the contrary, I want to point out that eating healthily can enhance the outcome of your exercising. So, avoiding sugary food, alcohol, and unhealthy snacks is one way to achieve wholesome eating habits. 

Here are a few examples of beneficial diets you can try with your 30-day workout challenge for beginners: 

Each of these meal plans is based on carefully selected ingredients and foods that contain lower amounts of calories. Moreover, healthy meal plans are always nutritious and energizing, meaning they can help you gain strength for your workouts. Even if you do light exercises for beginners, your body will still need energy for the training sessions. 

However, if you want to intensify the effects of your healthy eating and exercising, you can always go for supplements. Most people who workout regularly choose to use supplements in their routine to ensure that they intake all the necessary nutrients.  

When you want to lose weight, you can choose some of the Hydroxycut products. These are created for people who seriously commit to their fitness goals and want to achieve results more quickly.  

Tips for Accomplishing The 30-Day Workout Challenge  

It’s not called a challenge for nothing! Even though these 30-day challenges usually consist of easy exercises, some days, you might not feel like doing them. Nonetheless, the challenge will show results only if you are willing to do your part. If you begin to skip exercise days or work out only partly, then you shouldn’t expect amazing results.  

I know that some days may get really hard, but the point is to get past that and achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Luckily, some methods can help you avoid procrastinating and stay focused.  

1. Establish realistic goals  

One of the most important things in accomplishing a challenge is setting goals. But, to achieve them, they need to be realistic. You cannot expect that after a few days of exercising, you will experience miracles. To ensure your challenge will give you the effects you look for, you first need to be honest with yourself.  

Therefore, establish goals you know you can achieve and work towards. It is the best motivation you can obtain because you are doing this for yourself. If you have some big goals, put a pin on them. They are not unachievable but not accessible at the given point. So, start slowly and gradually build your way! 

2. Track your progress  

Another very important thing when it comes to tackling a challenge and achieving goals is your progress. You need to be aware of how much you have accomplished and how much has left until you reach your final goal. Make sure that you do not only track the exercises you have done but the whole process.  

In other words, keep track of your moods, motivation, healthy habits, diet, and so on. When you look at your progress after a few weeks, you will be surprised at how much you have achieved. Plus, it will give you a new perspective on yourself, which is always important for your well-being. You will learn to listen to your body and treat it as it deserves.  

There is a saying, “Your body is your temple”, and it means that you are the one who can make changes and follow the right path toward healthy habits.  

3. Make it exciting  

You are probably aware that kids are often more motivated to achieve something if there’s a reward at the end. The same goes for adults. You can set your goals and then, at each milestone, treat yourself to something special. This can include shopping or eating out in a fine restaurant. You can pick whatever makes you happy.  

For instance, let’s say you have successfully accomplished the first week of your beginner weight loss workout. You can set a reward in the form of clothing or accessories. Once you buy it, you will feel good about yourself because you have done something for yourself. This is an incomparable feeling, so allow yourself to soak in your success.  

4. Find a workout friend  

Some people tend to show better results when they do something with a friend or a partner. Having someone by your side with the same interests means always having support. When it gets hard, you can talk about it and motivate each other to continue the hard work.  

Even though we are talking about a workout for beginners that consists of easy exercises, the process can get tough. So, finding someone to rely on can be quite beneficial.  

As you can see, a 30-day workout challenge for beginners has amazing benefits. Giving it a try can make great changes in your lifestyle and well-being. Although it can get hard at some point, the results you will get from it will impress you. You will feel better, and you will start loving your body. So, do not wait anymore and start today! 

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