Is Pilates good for weight loss

Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

Pilates can support weight loss indirectly by improving muscle tone, flexibility, and posture, which can aid in overall fitness. We talk about the 'how'?

A lot of people love Pilates because it’s a feel-good workout that targets our bodies full – with a dramatic improvement in strength, balance, and mobility. And if a lot of people love it – I’m pretty sure you will too.

Pilates have been around for over a century and it’s a popular form of exercise for those looking to tone their bodies. In recent years, Pilates gained more attention than ever because it is said to be a potential solution for weight loss.

Though there are many conflicting opinions about it, Pilates is actually good for weight loss. 

But how? 

In this post, let’s take a look at why Pilates is worth incorporating into your fitness routine – especially if you are looking to shed some pounds. 

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Pilates for Weight Loss – Myth or Fact? 

Pilates is good for weight loss. It’s a fact that has been research and studied for years now. To tell you the truth, not only Pilates can help with weight loss – but it can also reduce your BMI, and tone your waist, abdomen, and hip areas. This is according to a study made in 2017 on 37 overweight women between the ages of 30 to 50 years. 

So as much as I want to separate scientific information and start with the ‘fun fitness fads’ brought by Pilates, it’s hard to. Otherwise, I won’t be able to tout Pilates as one of the most effective methods for weight loss. Okay, here goes. 

Contrary to popular belief, exercise such as running and strength training are not the primary drivers of weight loss. Although it is true that engaging in physical activity can help create a calorie deficit (necessary to shed pounds), that doesn’t mean that you can’t reinvent the wheel. 

Remember, weight loss is determined by the balance between calories consumed and calories burned. As it happens, Pilates allows our bodies to burn up to 450 calories for every 1-hour advanced workout. It’s a low-impact form of exercise that focuses on building strength, flexibility, and core stability. Consequently, it can contribute to weight loss indirectly. 

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So, be well on your way to becoming a confident, fit, and proficient Pilates practitioner, while also loving the results that lie ahead!  

The calorie-burning potential of Pilates 

With each graceful movement, a Pilates fitness journey can be as magical as you want it to be. You are not just sculpting your body, but also unleashing your body’s limitations in burning calories along the way. 

Pilates is all about your core – it’s the secret weapon to engage those deep muscles. For every twist and turn that you do, you are torching calories that activate more energy and dramatic improvements in sleeping habits. 

On average, a one-hour Pilates session can burn approximately 200-400 calories. However, it's important to note that these numbers are estimates and can vary from person to person. So if you are doing a beginner activity, of course, you are burning fewer calories than those practicing intermediate to advanced Pilates workouts. That’s just basic math. But don’t fret! As you go on and practice it for at least 6 months, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get there. Consistency is always key. 

Why Pilates is Good for You? 

There are so many reasons why Pilates is good for you. I don’t even know where to begin! But for the sake of the article, I’ll try my best to count all the things as to why Pilates is a dual-purpose exercise that’s not just a calorie-burning crusader but also good for overall health. 

1. Improved flexibility, strength, and posture 

Let’s start with the holistic benefits of Pilates. Through a series of controlled and precise movements, Pilates targets muscles and joints, gradually increasing their range of motion and resulting in improved flexibility that can enhance athletic performance and muscle strength. 

Also, unlike traditional weightlifting (which some of us hate), Pilates does not isolate individual muscles but rather engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This is a full-body approach that creates balanced strength and stabilizes our spine for a more stable back. You know what this means, right? Goodbye, leg days! 

2. Stress reduction and increased mindfulness 

All exercises and physical activities can reduce stress and increase our mindfulness. But what sets Pilates apart is the flowing movements and focus on your breath. This allows you to enter a state of mindfulness to a level where you get to let go of daily worries and tensions.

Believe me, the mind-body connection fostered by Pilates helps to calm the mind, release tension, and promote a sense of relaxation. It’s like getting a full-body massage and physical activity all at once! 

3. Rehabilitation and injury prevention 

Whether you're an athlete looking to bounce back from a sports-related injury or an individual seeking to prevent future injuries, Pilates can be a game-changer. This is coming from a lifestyle coach who has gone through a lot of trials and errors in the field of wellness and fitness. 

In terms of rehabilitation, we believe that with the help of a professional Pilates instructor, they can help customize a program that addresses different body concerns. Be it a back injury, knee pain, or shoulder issues, practicing Pilates can lead to a successful and safe recovery.  Just make sure you consult with your doctor before starting any injury recovery or rehabilitation program. 

4. Better body awareness and alignment 

Since you are engaged in a controlled, precise movement Pilates integrates, you will be able to learn to move with intention and coordination which promotes better body awareness in whatever physical activity you have in mind. Also, through the use of breath control and concentration, those who practice Pilates will notice improved mental well-being because they’ll be more focused on the present moment. Pilates can also help individuals prevent common issues such as back pain or joint stiffness, by strengthening the muscles that support the body. 

5. Increased muscular endurance 

Through regular Pilates sessions, you can gradually strengthen your muscles and improve their ability to sustain physical effort over an extended period. This increase in muscular endurance not only enhances your overall physical performance but also reduces the risk of fatigue and injury. 

I also want to emphasize the constant engagement your body will go through with Pilates. As you progress in your practice, you will notice that you can maintain proper form and execute exercises with greater ease and efficiency. This is another clear indication of improved muscular endurance. 

6. It’s suitable for people of many fitness levels and ages 

Finally (and also the most exciting part), Pilates is suitable for people of many fitness levels and ages. It’s the perfect physical activity for those who hate high-intensity workouts that put excessive strain on the joints and muscles. 

And since Pilates is a low-impact exercise, it’s also good for older people who want to strengthen their body from the inside out and promote better spine alignment. Whether you're looking to improve strength, flexibility, posture, or overall well-being, Pilates offers a multitude of benefits that can positively impact your life. So, unlock the potential of Pilates and embark on a journey towards a healthier and happier you. 

Tips for Beginners in Pilates 

Just like anything else in this world, everyone starts as a beginner. You can’t just try an activity or hobby you’ve been wanting to do and master it overnight. Everything has a process. Lucky for you, I happen to have so many tips for beginners in Pilates as a fitness coach. Here are some of my favorite ones! 

1. Start with an instructor 

Whether your instructor is a paid professional or those free YouTube Pilates videos, it’s crucial to start with an instructor. Otherwise, you’re doing more harm than good to your body. A certified Pilates instructor can guide you through the correct techniques and form, which will prevent you from having any potential injuries. 

2. Focus on your breathing 

Breathing is integral to Pilates. You can’t just move your body around without concentrating on using your breath to engage your core. So, inhale deeply through your nose, fill your lungs, and exhale fully through your mouth. But don’t overdo it! As long as you engage your abdominal muscles, you’re doing okay. 

3. Begin with the basics 

Don't rush into complex moves right away. Start with the foundational exercises to develop proper alignment and control. Mastering the basics will provide a solid foundation for more advanced movements. 

4. Maintain proper form 

If you don’t know how to maintain proper form in Pilates, you’re definitely not getting to the next level. Pay attention to your posture and alignment, and keep your spine lengthened. 

5. Be patient and listen to your body 

Pilates is a practice that requires patience and consistency. You have to listen to your body and progress at your own pace. Remember that you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. Also, it’s totally normal to feel some muscle soreness at first. But if the pain or discomfort persists, modify what movements you are doing and talk to your instructor. Better yet, consult with a physical therapist. 

6. Stay committed 

Success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work on your Pilates movement to make it one of the reasons for your weight loss. Whether it be a Pilates class or online tutorials, you have to stay committed to seeing the results of your hard work. 

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Final Thoughts 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Pilates offers something for everyone – especially to those who are trying to shed some pounds. So, take the leap and unlock the transformative benefits of Pilates for a healthier and happier (and sexier) you. 

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