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Mental Health Breaks – What To Do When You Aren’t Motivated

Here are three ways to reset and refocus when you aren't motivated.

You know those days where you’re just not motivated.

What do you do?

Here are three ways to reset and refocus when that happens.

1. Ask Yourself Why

Ask yourself why you’re doing it. “Today I’m going to work out because I’ll be more powerful, more productive, and more present if I do.”

2. Break it Down

Sometimes we get bogged down in all of the work we have to do and instead of looking at one thing at a time, we’re overwhelmed and almost paralyzed by all of the moving pieces. Try breaking down the day into different parts, because giving yourself a timeline helps hold yourself accountable.

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3. Rewards Always Help

Promise yourself a little reward for a job well done. Sometimes extrinsic rewards can fuel internal motivation.

Even though we don’t want to have days where we aren’t motivated, they do happen. It’s the mentally tough performer who acknowledges that they occasionally lack motivation. Instead of giving up, they find a way to win the day.

Hannah Huesman, MS, CMPC is a mental skills coach with in professional baseball.


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