Chair Exercises for Weight Loss

8 Best Chair Exercises for Weight Loss

Explore 8 easy chair exercises for effective weight loss. Perfect for anyone, anywhere. Start your journey to a healthier you from the comfort of your chair.

Who says you need to hit the gym to lose some extra pounds? Sometimes, all you need is a chair!

For most of us, the goal is to obtain a leaner, more toned physique. However, considering our different schedules, which can sometimes be hectic, not everyone has the luxury of hitting the gym regularly. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work out altogether. 

On the contrary, you can do many chair exercises for weight loss practically anywhere! And for most of them, you don’t even have to stand up! That said, getting stuck in the office is no longer an excuse for not exercising! 

At first, chairs and exercising aren’t the most ideal pairing. In fact, they seem like polar opposites! Surprisingly, however, you can get a total body workout without additional equipment. 

What makes chair exercises for weight loss so great is that they work for so many people, especially those who suffer from limited mobility or are recovering from an injury. Since you’re only using your body weight, there’s no risk of injury.

Still, to do a full-rounded chair workout for weight loss, you need to ensure your environment is suitable. Yes, you can practically do it anywhere except on slippery floors. 

Also, not any chair will do. Because you’ll be moving around a lot, you need a sturdy, durable chair that will support you throughout the entire routine.

Before we go into the best chair exercises for weight loss, let us list some of their benefits. Even if you are hitting the gym regularly, you should consider incorporating them in your rotation, as they can bring you one step closer to your goal. 

After all, what can be better than supporting your weight loss goals from your seat? 

Benefits Of Chair Exercises For Weight Loss

There’s a common misconception that chair exercises are intended solely for seniors who usually have limited mobility. This is actually quite far from the truth! Although research states that simple stretch exercises are effective for building up strength and are easily implemented into seniors’ daily routines, they are also quite beneficial for younger adults as well. Major muscles are activated by doing a series of movements and stretches, thus contributing to the leaner physique you desire. Best of all - this is just one instance of their effects! With that in mind, let’s look into some benefits.

#1 Convenience

As previously mentioned, weight loss chair exercises for men can be done anywhere, as long as you have a suitable environment. In addition, you don’t need any extra equipment, but you’re free to incorporate some weights for muscle definition. Considering you’ll do most of these exercises at home, you’ll be more consistent, thus achieving your goals much faster. 

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#2 Improves Your Posture

If you sit in a chair most of the day, you’ve likely developed posture issues. Additionally, this also fails to exercise your glutes and core, which can further deteriorate the situation. Knowing this, doing simple chair exercises can help you improve your posture. You can simply sit upright, bringing your belly to your spine. Then, straighten the neck, tuck in your chin, and breathe deeply. You will feel relaxation in the upper back and shoulders almost instantly! 

#3 Muscle Activation

By doing chair workouts for weight loss, you will target muscle groups differently from traditional workouts. In turn, this leads to proper muscle activation and growth, leading to a leaner physique. 

8 Best Chair Exercises For Weight Loss

Below, you’ll find some of the best chair exercises for weight loss. For optimal results, create your own routine, do as many reps as possible in one minute, rest for 15 seconds, and proceed to the next exercise. Once you’ve completed a full round, rest for 20 seconds and repeat the sequence four times. 

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1. Chair Squats

Since sitting around all day does nothing for your legs, squats will change that! This chair exercise for weight loss targets your hamstrings, quads, and glutes, in addition to improving your flexibility and balance.

To do chair squats, sit on the chair’s edge with the feet hip-width apart. Stand up by drawing power from your heels and go back to the initial pose in a controlled manner. 

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2. Seated Oblique Crunch

Want to improve your love handles? Seated oblique crunches come to the rescue. Ensure your core is engaged throughout the whole movement for the best results!

Sit on the chair with your back fully straight and your hands locked at the back of your head. Then, shift your weight on the left leg, crunch the right side, and bring your right knee to your right elbow. Do the same process for the left side, and once you’re done, you’ve completed a rep. 

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3. Seated Leg Extensions

If you want to shape your legs, especially your quads, consider doing leg extensions. Again, your core should be engaged with your feet fully flexed.

While seated, extend one leg out and flex your foot as much as possible. Lower it back down and repeat the process on the other leg. Be sure to use a sturdy chair - for extra balance, you can keep it stable by pushing it down with your arms. 

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4. Seated March

Another excellent benefit of weight loss chair exercises for men is that they greatly increase your cardiovascular endurance. In other words, you don’t always need to spend an hour running on the treadmill at the gym - just do your marching at home! This exercise will also raise your heart rate, so rest if it gets too intense.

Doing the seated march is as simple as possible! While sitting, raise your knee to your chest, lower it down, and alternate between the legs. To really start sweating, try to do them quickly, but always pay attention to your chair’s stability.

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5. Incline Mountain Climbers

Love or hate them, mountain climbers do wonders for your core and quads. Doing them on a chair is easier than the “traditional” counterpart but provides the same result. Just like the march, you can do this chair exercise for weight loss quickly for that extra push!

Start with a plank position, with the palms resting on the edge of the chair. Ensure your back is fully flat, core engaged, and your head is aligned with your spine. Pull your right knee to your chest as far as possible and to the same for the left. 

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6. Sit-to-Stands

It’s time to make your quads burn! This exercise is a must in your chair workout for weight loss as it fully engages the legs. Sit-to-stands also greatly impact the glutes, resulting in a perfectly defined posterior.

This exercise is pretty self-explanatory - all you need to do is sit up and down a bunch of times! However, be mindful of your speed. As you stand, squeeze the quads as hard as possible and sit back down carefully. Also, remember to keep your posture on point!

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7. Seated Backbend

While we’ve mainly focused on the legs and core, it’s time to give some love to the back muscles! The seated backbend will improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion, all the while shedding excess pounds. In addition, this chair exercise for weight loss also relieves back pain, which can come in quite handy if you’re working a desk job.

To do backbends, sit tall on your chair and take a deep breath, fully extending your spine. Cross your arms and place your palms on your shoulders. Once in this position, gently lean back until you feel a stretch in the back muscles. Pause and hold this position, but be careful not to strain yourself. Inhale once more and go back to the initial position. To fully feel the stretch, we recommend you hold it for 10-20 seconds.

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8. Seated Chest Press

We figure a flabby torso isn’t part of your body goals, so you need to up your chest game! While you can never go wrong with push-ups, doing them out of the blue in the office may be just plain awkward. Therefore, consider incorporating a seated chest press into your chair workout for weight loss to achieve your desired torso figure. 

Once seated, keep your core engaged and your back straight. You’ll need weights for this one - keep your dumbbells at chest level and fully extend your arms. Then, slowly bend your elbow and bring your arms to the original position. Also, you don’t need extremely heavy weights for this simple chair exercise. What’s important is that you do them in a controlled manner without putting too much strain on your arms. 

Over to You

These were the top chair exercises for weight loss. As you probably know, just working out won’t get you to your goals, which is why you should incorporate a healthy diet and supplements. That said, browse through our store and find the perfect product for you!

Are you looking for more ways to lose weight, be leaner, and build strength? Make sure to read through the rest of our blogs. 

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