Make Your Next Road Trip a Healthy One

Make Your Next Road Trip a Healthy One

Save time, stress, cash and unwanted calories on your next road trip.
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Save time, stress, cash and unwanted calories on your next road trip.

You’re getting ready to embark on a road trip adventure. Luggage is in the trunk, the GPS is all set and the alarm is ready for your 5 a.m. wakeup call. But there’s one key component you’re forgetting that will make these travels seamless.

Of course you’ve pre-planned fueling your vehicle, but what about fuel for you and your passengers?  Keep the gang fully satisfied and dodging drive-thru and rest-stop fat-traps with these tips for your healthiest road trip yet.

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1. Get a healthy start

Before you even get on the road, start your morning with a hearty meal, so you start the trip off satisfied and energized. An ideal combo is oatmeal, hard boiled eggs and fruit.

2. Bring the cooler

If you’re going to be in the car for a while, it’s no problem. A good-quality cooler and the appropriate amount of ice packs can keep your food fresh anywhere from 24 to 36 hours. (FYI, an ice pack at room temperature will last 2 to 3 hours max.) Load up on healthy snacks high in protein and fiber to keep everyone full and avoiding mindless snacking.

Pack the cooler with hummus, Greek yogurt, fruits and veggies, hard-boiled eggs and cheese strings. Frozen grapes in baggies are a perfect way to keep things cool. Plus, grapes as well as carrots and celery are a nice way to add crunch factor.

3. Pack snacks that satisfy

In terms of non-perishables, think nuts, pita pockets, protein bars, popcorn, canned tuna, dark chocolate (but just a bite or two for when that sweet craving hits).

4. Stay hydrated

Enough water is essential for the trip – frequent bathroom breaks be damned! Proper hydration wins that battle every time. And really maximize your water. Pack infused water, which has tons of benefits, plus a little extra snack factor because of the fruit.

5. Stretch your legs

Food isn’t the only way to keep your road trip healthy. Remember to stretch or even do jumping jacks at rest stops to avoid cramping and to stay limber.

6. Practice sun safety

Make sure you have sunglasses and sunscreen. Although windows are closed, you’re still not fully protected from the UV rays.

7. Make healthy meal choices

Plan your meals in advance. Lunch and snacks most likely will be in the car or at a rest stop, and most likely dinner at the hotel restaurant or on a quaint Main Street you’ve discovered. Try to maintain your clean theme by ordering wisely. A burger is fine, but skip the fries and shake. Pasta sound good? No thanks to the garlic bread with cheese.

8. Get plenty of rest

If you start to feel tired, have one of your co-pilots take a turn at the wheel. If everyone is pooped, pull over for a cat nap.

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