Activity-Based Parties

Activity-Based Parties

Parties can mean lots of food and high-calorie beverages. Why not plan an activity-based party instead!

Parties can mean lots of food and high-calorie beverages. Why not plan an activity-based party instead! Here are a few options you can plan that will be a hit with your friends, and if anything, maybe you’ll start a new tradition. Most of these activity-based locations are easy to find in any community. Just be sure to consider your guests’ interests, so everyone will enjoy it.

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City Bike Tour

Get to know your city with friends or even co-workers. Many cities offer historic tours – it’s a great educational activity that keeps you active.

Roller Disco

Dancing plus roller skating! A pretty physical but fun thing to do as a group.


What’s more fun than learning to shoot a bow and arrow! This can be hard and take a lot of focus, but it’s a lot of fun and will require you to work as a team and help each other out.

Escape Room

Pick an escape room that fits your group’s interests. You’ll find that the overall theme is different at different locations, so do your research.

Axe Throwing

It’s harder than it looks. Get competitive and make bets on who can throw the best and hit that bullseye.


A classic party! No one ever gets tired of bowling! It’s competitive and physical!

Ice Skating

Most parks and indoor arenas offer ice skating for large groups, and they even offer skate rentals for those who may not have skates.

Snow Tubing

Live in a winter wonderland? Try getting the gang together to hit up the slopes! Many ski resorts offer snow tubing on their itineraries and typically have a few designated hills to do this on. Be sure to dress warm!

Bubble Football or Soccer

A fun way to not only be competitive, but to also have some great laughs! Take it from us, it’s harder than it looks, but it’s a lot of fun!


This should cater to all people in your group. It’s not as physical as the other activities, but it is sure fun. I mean, come on, racing a car and trying to beat your friends is the best!

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