Your body is a well-oiled machine, so take care of it. Boosting your metabolism is great for weight loss and for your overall health. Our five tips will help you get on track and kick-start your engine, so it can continue to work off those pounds.

Ramp up the intensity

Next time you do a cardio session, up the intensity for 30-second intervals (returning to your normal speed afterward). This will help you consume more oxygen, which makes your mitochondria (found in large numbers in most cells, in which the biochemical processes of respiration and energy production take place) work harder to burn energy.  This allows you to exercise for less time but still get the same great results. And remember to always incorporate weight training to your routine to keep your metabolism going.

Add omega-3s to your diet

Adding omegas to your diet helps to regulate your metabolism. You can get omegas from flaxseed oil, walnuts, eggs, salmon or tuna. All tasty items to add to your meal plan.

Kick-start your day

Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day – believe them! Eating a nutrient-rich meal first thing wakes up your metabolism and gets your engine going and fuels it all day long. Try adding in things like oatmeal with berries, an omelet, a slice of whole grain bread or even just a plain egg. Time to start your morning off right!

Keep your belly full

Snacking is great for keeping your metabolism going. It also helps curb hunger, so you won’t fall off your plan. Snack on low-calorie items like some fruit and veggies. Also, a small handful of almonds can go along way!

Up the protein

Add protein to every meal you eat; it will help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Remember, muscle burns more calories than fat does. Chicken and eggs are a great addition to salads, stir-fry or even on their own!

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