why is working out so boring

Why is Working Out so Boring?

Don’t let your workouts become tedious. Shake things up with these tips, guaranteed to bring the excitement back.

Don’t let your workouts become tedious. Shake things up with these tips, guaranteed to bring the excitement back.

Nothing can derail your plan faster than monotony. Keeping chicken, broccoli and yams on repeat can have you high-tailing it to the closest buffet. Doing the exact same cardio and resistance training routine every day will eventually have you finding reasons to skip the gym, or worse, plateau your results.

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To keep fitness fresh, incorporate a few new tactics. You’ll enjoy your workouts again and progress will soar.

Find a Friend

Stay accountable and stay committed by working out with a pal. Admit it, you’ve got to have a pretty good excuse to bail on your BFF pre-workout. Plus, instead of your sushi and Chardonnay lunch dates, now is the perfect time to switch to salads and green tea.

Opposites Attract

Are you a creature of habit and always do a 30-minute session on the elliptical followed by weights? Flip it around and do your weight training first, followed by cardio. And if you’re really feeling crazy, swap out the elliptical for the stair climber. Your glutes will be aching the next day, but totally worth it.

Go for Classes

Did you know it’s possible to burn over 300 calories an hour during a belly dancing class, or anywhere from 400 to 700 pole dancing, depending on the level of expertise?* Plus, there’s no denying the upper body and core strength that both disciplines can develop. But if dancing isn’t your thing, spin classes, kickboxing and yoga are all effective ways to keep things interesting.

Reward Program

Maybe your goal is to hit the gym four days a week. So do the math, and if you meet your quota of 16 workouts for the month, treat yourself to those running shoes you’ve had your eye on or a therapeutic Swedish massage to soothe those hardworking muscles.

The New Date Night

Active couples who work out together are bonding in a new way. And sharing a new experience together can create intimacy. Have a little fun with it too. Who can burn the most cals per session? Loser does the dishes.

Use Social Media

When it comes to posting gym selfies, some may call it narcissism, but we say it’s an effective strategy. What’s the harm in being proud of your results and sharing with your inner circle? Just keep posts to a minimum to avoid the dreaded eye roll from your followers.

Take a Break

Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do to spice up your workout is to walk away for a few days. If it’s gotten to the point where you are dragging yourself to the gym, and you’re just not into it, give yourself permission to take a couple days off. It won’t take long until you’re excited to get back to it!

1Contains caffeine to boost energy and metabolism.
*Based on 150 lbs. woman.

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