Hydroxycut Introduces New “Hardcore” Product Line, Fueling The Next Level Of Extreme

Hydroxycut Introduces New “Hardcore” Product Line, Fueling The Next Level Of Extreme

Shred Across America Tour, National Radio Partnership and a new “Face” of the Hydroxycut Hardcore® Brand Among The Key Launch Initiatives
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NEW YORK, New York and OAKVILLE, Ontario (June 29, 2023) - While the fads have captivated headlines this spring, Hydroxycut® (www.hydroxycut.com), America’s #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand, driven by science-backed, clinical research studies, for safe, fast and effective results,* is excited to announce new product innovations with an emphasis on the cleanest way to shred, with a key ingredient  that helps users on their weight loss journey.

These new products include:

Hydroxycut Hardcore® Rapid Release Capsules 

This potent formula delivers extreme energy and maximum intensity to drive your best workouts.​ Featuring the clinically researched weight loss ingredient C. canephora robusta, 265 mg of Caffeine and 50 mg Yohimbe, our Hardcore rapid release capsules offer improved focus, extreme energy and maximum intensity, fueling a thermogenic calorie burn.

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Hydroxycut Hardcore® Ultra Shred Drink Sticks

Mix your favorite mocktail-inspired flavors on the go including Lime Mojito and Tangerine Mimosa. Hydroxycut Hardcore® Ultra Shred Drink Sticks feature paraxanthine from enfinity®, a metabolite of caffeine​, Meta-Energy from B-Vitamins, which help to support metabolic energy, key electrolytes and unlike other drinks, include zero sugar and no calories. The road to weight loss never tasted so good!

Hydroxycut Hardcore® Ultra Shred Gummies

Featuring aXivite®, which delivers a unique thermo sensory warming sensation in a sweet and spicy flavor and containing Vitamin B6 & B12, essential vitamins that can help your body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, Hydroxycut Hardcore® Ultra Shred Gummies feature a non-stimulant formula, which delivers all of the shredding power with none of the jittery drawbacks. These are delicious tasting gummies with a spicy kick. Pop them as a spicy mix-and-match option. 

Hydroxycut Hardcore® Liquid-Heat Capsules

Our best-in-class formula to help you achieve hardcore weight loss results and the cleanest fuel for shredding, Hydroxycut Hardcore® Liquid-Heat Capsules offer microencapsulation technology that delivers the heat of hot chili peppers without the sting.​ In addition to aXivite® and enfinity®, Hydroxycut Hardcore® Liquid-Heat Capsules feature MCT Oil, L-tyrosine plus a clinically researched weight loss ingredient C. canephora robusta, which  are contained in this advanced weight loss formula.​

“These new products allow Hydroxycut to be competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace,” said Raza Bashir, the VP of Scientific Affairs & Product Innovation at Iovate Health Sciences, makers of the Hydroxycut® brand. “We consistently hear feedback from consumers about new innovations, flavors and formats. Hydroxycut Hardcore® delivers on all three of those asks with mocktail flavored Drink Mixes, fast acting Liquid-Heat Capsules and non-stimulant gummies with just the right spicy kick to get people going.”

Hydroxycut Shred Across America Tour

To celebrate the launch of these new products, Hydroxycut® is launching its Shred Across America Tour, offering sampling and interactive opportunities from July through October, aligned with several key public, high-trafficked events. Be on the lookout for the specially branded Hydroxycut® bus on the following dates and in the following cities.

Shred Across America Schedule

July 1 - Long Island, NY
July 4 - Philadelphia, PA
July 8-9 - Jersey Shore, NJ
July 15 - Washington, DC
July 21 - Cincinnati, OH
August 3-4 - Chicago, IL
August 6 - Detroit, MI
August 12 - Pittsburgh, PA
August 19 - St. Louis, MO
September 2 - Atlanta, GA
September 9 - Tuscaloosa, AL
September 16-17 - New Orleans, LA 
September 23 - Houston, TX
September 29 - Dallas, TX
October 6 - Austin, TX
October 21 - Fayetteville, AR

You can learn more about the Shred Across America tour at https://www.hydroxycut.com/shredtour.

Hydroxycut® has also announced the addition of Cody Bobay as its new personal trainer, specifically for the Hardcore brand of products. Bobay is an actor, fitness author and trainer and he holds certifications as a certified personal trainer, a performance enhancement specialist, and a corrective exercise specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also holds the certification of Master Fitness Specialist from the Cooper Institute.

Bobay will be the face of Hydroxycut Hardcore® on digital, web and online retail platforms as part of his agreement with the brand, connecting with, and educating consumers on the benefits of the Hydroxycut Hardcore® line of products.

Additionally, as a means of promoting Hydroxycut Hardcore® products, the brand has agreed to a partnership marketing agreement with PowerSlapTM (https://www.powerslap.com) slap fighting league owned by Dana White. Hydroxycut Hardcore® has also tapped radio hosts on Audacy® radio stations to endorse the new line on their respective shows. This includes Christian Fauria, a former professional football player in the Boston market, Brandon Tierney, co-host of the popular Tiki & Tierney show on WFAN in New York, Mike Johson, a former pro offensive lineman turned host of Atlanta’s 92.9 The Game’s Morning Shift, and Hugh Douglas, the popular former Philadelphia football star who now works for WIP in that same market. 

These four individuals will partake in radio reads and social media promotion as part of a broader campaign for the brand during the pro football season, all capping off with one lucky winner of a trip to the Big Game next February in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Over the past two decades, Hydroxycut® (www.hydroxycut.com) has sold more than 100 million bottles, and it is currently America’s #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand. Despite changing times, Hydroxycut® remains a powerhouse in the weight loss industry and offers an effective science-backed weight loss driver. Unlike other weight loss supplements, the key ingredient in Hydroxycut® products is backed by two double-blind scientific studies that back the effectiveness of the key weight loss driver (C. canephora robusta). Boasting their easy-to-follow 3-step program, Hydroxycut® is easily integrated into any diet or nutrition plan and simplifies the weight loss journey many consumers find too complicated or intimidating.