Holiday Movie Themed Workouts

Holiday Movie Themed Workouts

If you’re someone who jumps up off of your couch, and yells at your favorite holiday movie characters in the middle of the film – we have the perfect holiday movie themed workouts for you!

On cold winter days, there may be nothing better than making some hot chocolate, cozying up on the couch, and watching a holiday movie marathon. The best holiday films can make us feel all the emotions – joy and sadness, excitement and anxiety, and most of all hopeful for what’s to come.

They can also frustrate us from time to time when we feel that our favorite characters aren’t making the best decisions, or sometimes we may even become overprotective of these same characters and want to shield them from Grinch-like bosses, family members, or romantic partners.

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If you’re someone who jumps up off of your couch, runs to the screen, and yells at your favorite holiday movie characters in the middle of the film – “Don’t do that!” or “Watch out!” or “It’s not what it looks like! They’re trying to surprise you, not trying to hide something from you!” – we have the perfect holiday movie themed workouts for you to do to get some of that extra energy out. After all, what’s better than watching holiday classics, moving your body, and having fun while doing it? Not much.

Whenever you see a Christmas tree…

Put down the hot chocolate, push aside your blankets, and do a yoga Tree Pose. The Tree Pose will strengthen your legs and core, open your hips, stretch your inner thighs and groin muscles, and also help with your balance. While the Tree Pose is usually the first standing balance pose taught to yoga beginners because it’s the simplest, it may be harder than it looks at first. So, don’t get frustrated if you wobble a little or even fall over the first few times you do it. You’ll get stronger and stronger with this pose as your holiday movie marathon goes on.

Whenever Santa comes on screen or someone says ‘Santa’…

Drop and do five push-ups so you’ll build upper body strength and be able to carry all of the Christmas gifts that you need to deliver this year, just like Santa. Push-ups work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders, and when done properly, they can also strengthen your lower back and core by engaging your abdominal muscles. You can also do modified push-ups such as wall push-ups, incline push-ups, and knee push-ups if you’re still building up your strength, or if Santa happens to be one of the main characters of the movie you’re watching.

Whenever there’s an elaborate singing and/or dance number…

Do 15 air squats so you’ll have the strength and endurance to join these characters in these numbers next year. Air squats are like regular squats except they’re done using only your body weight, no additional weights required. The proper way to do an air squat is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointed slightly outward, engage your core muscles and pull your shoulder blades together to push out your chest, and bend your knees and squat as if you were going to sit in a chair (or back on your couch). Try to keep your weight in your heels so you don’t lean forward. Hold for a few seconds and then rise back up by pushing through your heels, while using your glutes to return to a standing position. Air squats will improve your lower body strength and are effective at tightening up your booty muscles.

Whenever your favorite character makes a silly mistake that leads to a big problem…

Get down on the floor and do five sit-ups. Sit-ups can help improve digestion and chances are your stomach probably got a little sick after seeing the major problem that was created by your favorite character’s mess up. To do the perfect sit-up, keep your feet, hips, and knees aligned with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Then exhale on your way up and inhale as you go back to the start position. To get the most from this exercise, do your sit-ups slowly or in a controlled manner.

Whenever you see snow…

It’s time to do five star jumps! Star jumps are basically a more intense jumping jack with a way cooler name. To do a star jump, start in a quarter squat position with your back flat, feet together, and palms touching the sides of your lower legs. Then jump up, raising your arms and legs to your sides so your body forms an ‘X’ in mid-air. Land softly with your feet together and then lower yourself back into the starting position. By doing star jumps, you can improve your muscle activation and boost your explosive power.

Whenever a car, bus, plane, or train breaks down or travel plans get cancelled…

Get moving for your favorite characters and do 10 butt kicks. This classic training exercise for runners strengthens the hamstrings, works the glutes, and stretches your quads. To do butt kicks, stand tall and bring one heel off the floor towards your glutes as the opposite hand comes up towards your shoulder like running arms, and then switch to the other side. Butt kicks will fire up your heart and boost your metabolism, which is how to help lose weight.

Whenever the main characters go holiday shopping or ice skating…

Do 10 glute bridges to sculpt your booty. To maintain proper form, start by laying down on your back in a bent-knee position with your feet flat on the floor. Place your feet hip-width apart with your toes facing away from you and keep your arms at your side with your palms down. Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips, and shoulders form a straight line. Squeeze your glutes hard and keep your abs drawn in so you don’t overextend your back during this exercise. Hold your bridged position for a couple of seconds before easing back down. Then repeat. The glute bridge is also great for improving hip mobility and strengthening your lower back.

Whenever you see a romantic holiday kiss…

Celebrate the moment by dancing around in place. Dancing is an excellent way to exercise and stay fit, and it’s also known to improve your health. Dance promotes good health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your muscles, increasing circulation, decreasing blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease, and reducing stress. Dancing can also lift your mood and improve your overall well-being.

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