Cardio Routine for a Better Body

Cardio Routine for a Better Body

Turn your cardio for weight loss routine into fun weight loss activities that give you results. Cardio can be an enjoyable way of increasing your fitness.

Turn Your Cardio for Weight Loss Routine into Fun Weight Loss Activities that Give You Results.

Cardio can be an enjoyable way of increasing your fitness levels and helping yourself to look great. With these cardio for weight loss tips added to your workout routine, you can turn your cardio workouts into enjoyable and productive parts of your weight loss plan to get into better shape and look great for years to come.

Ease into Your Workouts

Ever see someone step onto a treadmill and immediately start sprinting, only to stop a short while later, breathing heavily and completely exhausted? Allow yourself to get a good warm-up and ease into your cardio for weight loss session. You’ll feel a lot better and burn more calories easing into a 20- to 30-minute walk or light run than you will by sprinting for 2 or 3 minutes. Warming up before your weight loss workout and cooling down afterward is a smart way to exercise.

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Combine Different Cardio Activities

Instead of doing the same cardio activity for your entire cardio for weight loss workout, try different activities. This way, you can keep things fresh while working more of your body. An example of this could be walking on a treadmill for half of your workout then moving to a stair climber for the rest.

Work Out with a Friend or Group while doing Cardio for Weight Loss

Burning calories with a friend will help pass the time faster, and both of you may even get better weight loss results. And if you know that another person is counting on you to show up, you may be less likely to skip a workout. Activities like spinning or jogging with a group are ways to help burn calories while keeping your mind on other things.

Burn Optimal Calories

Knowing how many calories that specific activities can burn during a session can give you a better idea of which ones you may want to include in your workout. Some activities may actually burn more calories than you thought.

A 140-pound female doing the following activities for 20 minutes can burn the calorie amounts listed below.

 Bicycling (12 to 14 mph, moderate effort):
178 calories
134 calories
 In-line Skating:
156 calories
 Running (6 mph):
223 calories
 Stair Climbing:
134 calories

Don’t Exercise on a Completely Empty Stomach

Losing weight means cutting your calorie counts to some degree, but try to make sure you eat something 2 to 3 hours before you work out. It doesn’t have to be your biggest meal of the day. In fact, something convenient and quick usually can work quite well. Try an energy bar as a great source of fuel for your body, as well as a space of vitamins and minerals to help with your day. 

Listen to Music

Getting through your cardio for weight loss session may be more enjoyable if you are doing it while listening to your favorite music. It can help you improve your mood, help in coping with stress, and motivate you to work at a level that you might not achieve otherwise.

Try these useful tips to help keep you on the right track to getting the most from your cardio workouts

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