You Can Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

You Can Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Let’s take a look at six steps that will help us stay on track today, tomorrow, and well into 2021.
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It’s make-or-break time when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions. Research has shown that on overage 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February.

The majority of New Year’s resolutions, over 70%, usually revolve around weight loss and fitness, according to A ComRes poll. This begs the question: What should we be doing this year if we want to power through and keep up our health and fitness goals? Let’s take a look at six steps that will help us stay on track today, tomorrow, and well into 2021.

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Step 1: Focus On Doing The Best You Can Do Today

Sometimes when the finish line seems so far away it can feel overwhelming to even get started. So, instead of thinking about every single thing that you need to do in the next 365 days in order to accomplish your resolutions, focus on what you can do today to make the day successful, and then do that.

Or maybe you weren’t able to stay on track with your resolutions during the first month of the year. That’s perfectly normal – stuff happens. Instead of going over all the reasons why January didn’t turn out the way you planned in your mind, give yourself permission to wipe the slate clean and officially begin your New Year’s resolution journey today – no matter what the day or month may be. After all, there’s no better time to get started on your health and weight loss journey than today. So, commit to yourself right now and then do everything in your power to succeed.

Step 2: Learn From Your Mistakes

If January didn’t go quite as you planned, you’re not alone. A study found that 53% of people who successfully achieved their resolutions experienced at least one slip-up, and over a 2-year span the average number of slip-ups was 14. The slip-ups typically occurred due to a lack of personal control, excessive stress, and negative emotion, according to the study.

So, what are the reasons why you haven’t been able to stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions so far? Is it because things out of your control popped up along the way and caused excessive stress? Did you not dedicate enough time each day in order to achieve your goals? Or were you just in a bad headspace for whatever reason? Really take some time and think through all the reasons why you weren’t able to stay on track in the first month of the year. Then once you’re aware of the reasons why you didn’t follow through with your resolutions don’t allow them to trip you up again as you move forward. This time around you’ll be stronger and more motivated to succeed by knowing that you’re able to overcome the things that held you back previously.

Step 3: Build Self-Trust

Self-trust means that you can take care of your needs and safety, that you trust yourself to survive situations, and maybe most importantly it means that you refuse to give up on yourself. To set yourself up for success, set small, manageable goals at first and then make sure that you achieve them. By coming up with a daily action plan and then accomplishing all the things on your to-do list, you’re proving to yourself that anything you set out to do you’ll see through to the end and accomplish. This will improve your self-esteem and allow you to build self-trust. So, start with goals that you know you’ll 100% be able to hit and then move on to more difficult ones later. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

Step 4: Get Support

Having a solid support system can help you stay motivated and accountable. So, if you know of a friend or colleague who has similar goals, work together to achieve them. There are also so many incredible free resources and challenges available from the greatest minds in health, fitness, finance, relationships, and pretty much any topic you’re interested in. So, why not take the time to invest in yourself and learn from experts rather than trying to figure everything out on your own? There’s strength in numbers, especially when you’re setting out to achieve your resolutions. So, go find the community that’s right for you and allow them to support you, the same way you’ll support them in their endeavors.

Step 5: Plan For Obstacles

Very few things in life go exactly according to plan. So, why would your resolutions be any different? Think about any potential obstacles each day, week, or month and then plan for how you’ll address them. Let’s say that one of your goals is to exercise three or four times per week. What are you going to do if you have a work project coming up that you know is going to require lots of extra time, which will cut into your exercise time? Maybe you’ll choose to wake up earlier and exercise. But what if you need that sleep to function at a high level? If you’re unable to go for that 30-minute walk, don’t let that discourage you. Try a different approach like taking three ten-minute breaks throughout the day and go for short little walks in the parking lot at work in the allotted time. This way your exercise time will still add up to 30 minutes total, even if it’s not all in a row. When faced with a problem, don’t allow it to derail you from your goal, choose to get creative and improvise.

Step 6: When In Doubt, Go Back To Your Why

It can be difficult to maintain the same routine day in and day out. That’s why when you find yourself not wanting to do the thing that you know you need to do, it’s important to make sure that your resolutions align with your values and light you up inside. Why are you committed to accomplishing your resolutions? If the reason isn’t one that’s going to keep you motivated, then you either need to find a new reason or a new resolution.

For example, you may say that you want to workout more in 2021. That’s all well and good, but why is it important for you to workout more? If you came up with that particular resolution just to have one to tell people about in the New Year, but you’re not invested in it, do you really want to sick with it all year long? It’s okay to adapt and adjust along the way, especially if you’re having difficulty staying the course. So, think about the things in your life that you really want to improve upon and then use that fire inside of you to stay motivated and keep going. Then make sure to celebrate all of your little victories along the way. And if you get off track, remember that it’s completely normal and you’re not alone. Just go back through these steps and get yourself back on track after any slip-ups. We know you have what it takes to keep up your New Year’s resolutions this year!

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