Top 5 Trending Superfoods

Top 5 Trending Superfoods

Your grocery list just got a lot more interesting. Here are five exciting foods to chew on!

Your grocery list just got a lot more interesting.

Trends come and go. Some we’ve tried and loved – dry shampoo and ceramic nails changed our lives. Others, like perms and shoulder pads, just left us wondering, “What were we ever thinking?” And just like fashion and beauty, the same is true with food. Notables from the past few years are kale, quinoa, coconut oil and kimchi. They have stood the trendy superfood test of time and are still thriving today. But along with a new year comes a new batch. Here are five exciting foods to chew on!

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Watermelon Seeds

A rich source of vitamins and minerals, roasted watermelon seeds are high in protein, with one cup containing 30g. They are also jam-packed with amino acids and are an excellent source of B vitamins. The high fat content boasts mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

How to: Like pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds are tasty when they’re dry and roasted. Sprinkle them on salads or snack on them throughout the day at your desk. But be careful; one cup contains 600 calories, so best not to down the whole cup in one sitting!

Bone Broth

Loaded with amino acids and magnesium, bone broth is an excellent go-to meal any time, and especially comforting on a chilly day!

How to: You can pick up the bones from your neighborhood butcher shop. Put them in your crock pot along with your favorite veggies, top with water and boil on low for 24 hours. Voilà!


Though cinnamon is commonly known as a key ingredient in our favorite baked goods, it has a lot more going for it than just a flavor source for apple pie and banana bread. It contains a ton of nutritional benefits too. For example, just one teaspoon contains the same amount of antioxidants as a half a cup of blueberries.

How to: Due to its distinct, sweet taste, cinnamon is an ideal way to use less sugar. Try a sprinkle in your coffee, on your breakfast cereal, or mixed with plain yogurt for dipping fruit kebabs. Feeling crazy? Try it with butternut squash soup. Amazing!

Raw Cacao Nibs

Free of additives, raw cacao nibs are an excellent source for minerals. Just one ounce contains 3g of fiber and 3.3mg of iron. That’s 19% of your Daily Value. They contain flavonoids, magnesium and antioxidants.

How to: With a deep chocolate, slightly bitter flavor, there are unlimited ways to enjoy these little nuggets. Topping for your oatmeal, Greek yogurt or on their own as a sweet treat are just a few options.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce contains the plant compound capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers that give them their heat. And in addition to their spicy flavor, they contain some essential vitamins. One ounce of jalapeno peppers, for example, contains 40mg of vitamin C!

How to: One of the easiest ways to spice up a bland meal is to kick up the flavor with hot sauce. Running the rampant from mild to inferno, there are heat levels for the most delicate to the bravest palates. Hot sauce can be high in sodium, though, so keep an eye out for low-sodium brands.

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