Losing Weight in Your 30s

Tips For Losing Weight in Your 30s

As life gets more hectic and hormones begin to decrease, your thirties is a vital time to make lifestyle changes to lose weight, maintain weight loss, and improve your health and fitness.

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential. It lowers risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many cancers. Healthy weight differs between individuals, but mindful calorie intake and healthy eating, along with regular exercise like weight training, are universally positive lifestyle choices.

Barriers to weight loss increase as you get older. Tips for losing weight in your thirties differ from those aimed at younger individuals. Physically, metabolic rate and recovery time decreases. Socially, as you get older, you’re busier with work and family, leaving less time for personal fitness.

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As life gets more hectic and hormones begin to decrease, your thirties is a vital time to make lifestyle changes to lose weight, maintain weight loss, and improve your health and fitness.

Common Causes of Weight Gain in Your Thirties

Weight gain becomes more common as you get older because the body is slowing. Muscle mass decreases and, consequently, body fat and body weight increase.

Eating fewer calories and upping physical activity, specifically strength training, can combat decreased metabolic rate. However, other factors are at play, like genetics, body composition, individual health issues, and lifestyle.

How Your Metabolism Slows as You Age

Muscle burns more calories than fat, but muscle mass decreases with age, causing the metabolism to slow down. Rather than burning calories, the body stores them for energy. This leads to an increase in body fat and unexpected weight gain.

Hormonal changes in your thirties can also result in rapid weight gain. By thirty, people begin to produce fewer hormones. One consequence of drops in testosterone and estrogen levels is weight gain, particularly belly fat.

These are natural changes, so tips for losing weight during this time include conscious lifestyle changes like increased physical activity and a high-protein diet to compensate for the loss of muscle mass and its metabolic effects.

Why It Is Harder to Lose Weight in Your Thirties

While your body changes in your thirties, you may still have the mentality, appetite, and habits you did in your twenties.

Every body is different, but many common barriers to weight loss exist. Along with genetics, factors that affect how quickly you can lose weight include sleep, hydration, calorie intake, and mental blocks to motivation.

Regulating your sleep schedule, staying hydrated, and communicating with your doctors are steps that everyone can take to improve health.

Changes to Your Nutritional Needs in Your Thirties

woman eating a healthy salad

To lose weight in a healthy way, it is important to understand what your body needs as it changes with age.

Protein, good fats, and fruits and vegetables help compensate for decreased muscle mass and metabolic rate, as well as health issues like high blood pressure. Good fats like those found in fatty fish, nuts and seeds, and some vegetable oils are also rich in vitamin E and other nutrients.

Lifestyle Changes to Make in Your Thirties to Lose Weight

Aging is a natural process, but changes to your lifestyle are necessary to live healthily. These can include pursuing recreational activities and social gatherings that do not revolve around food.

Busy schedules can get in the way, which is why changing your routine to allow for a balanced meal plan and regular exercise is crucial.

How Regular Exercise in Your Thirties Helps You Lose Weight

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Burning more calories while eating a lower-calorie diet creates a calorie deficit, which results in weight loss. Thus, making exercise a habit helps you lose and maintain weight.

Staying fit involves finding the best types of exercise to lose weight, but the best exercise depends on individual factors, including gender. Burning calories is different for men and women.

Typically, women have a harder time with weight loss, due to higher levels of body fat and lower muscle mass; pregnancy and baby weight; and hormone loss during menopause. To build muscle mass, women should include resistance and weight training in their exercise. Strength training is particularly vital in combating hormonal decreases and body fat increases.

The best general tips for losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle in your thirties? Find the exercise type that works best for your body and schedule and helps you stay focused on your long-term goals.

What to Eat to Help You Lose Weight in Your Thirties

To prevent weight gain as you get older, you must also determine what diet works best for you.

The benefits of a high-protein diet to lose weight in your thirties are manifold. Protein combats many weight loss barriers, as it satisfies hunger, and builds muscle mass.

In the midst of your busy lifestyle, you can sustain yourself between meals with high-protein snacks like trail mix, jerky, and peanut butter. Additionally, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: they’re high in fiber and water, keeping you full and satisfying hunger.

Types of Diets to Avoid in Order to Maintain Weight Loss

Fad diets can be a good start to weight loss, but actual lifestyle changes are the only sustainable way to lose weight without gaining it back. Furthermore, restrictive diets that cut out entire food groups mean your body is not getting the nutrients you need, and extreme diets may slow your metabolism.

Yo-yo dieting can therefore do more harm than good. It’s easy to gain back any weight you lost—and more—after burning out on a restrictive diet.

Living Healthy in Your Thirties and Beyond

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General and individual barriers to weight loss exist, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is achievable for everyone.

Your thirties is a transitional time for your body and your personal life. It is prime time to assess your goals and make lifestyle changes necessary to reach them. These changes begin with your personal health. To mitigate health problems that increase with age, the best tips for weight loss in your thirties are a consistent diet and fitness plan.

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