Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

With a few strategies in place, you’ll sail through Thanksgiving with ease.

Whoever said “life is a marathon, not a sprint” wasn’t thinking about Thanksgiving. Done right, this holiday is the ultimate food marathon, and for many, that’s so wrong!

But, if you’ve been on the clean path for a while, there’s no need to fear the feast. With a few strategies in place, you’ll sail through Thanksgiving with ease. This year, no stretchy pants!

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Strategy #1:

Repeat this over and over: bread is my enemy. OK, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but hitting the carbs heavy does bring a hefty dose of remorse. Limit yourself, especially if there’s a cocktail or dessert in the foreseeable future.

Strategy #2:

No fasting! Your instincts may be to fast all day in preparation for what’s to come. This is not a great idea. Once dinner is served, you’ll fill up super fast and just end up feeling uncomfortable. Instead, eat smaller, non-bloating meals throughout the day. Hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, a light salad or avocado will do nicely.

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Strategy #3:

Squeeze in some morning fitness. Exercise is always great for revving the metabolism and reducing the guilt. If you want a few cheats, go ahead, you’ve earned it!

Strategy #4:

Stay busy mingling. Instead of indulging in the food, indulge in some light-hearted chit-chat with long-lost friends and family. This will keep your pace slow and your gossip quota high.

Strategy #5:

B.Y.O.D. Bring your own dish. This one’s a no-brainer, as you’ll have total control over what you’re consuming. Just let your host know ahead of time that this is your plan, so there’s no chance of hurt feelings. Better yet, bring plenty to share.

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