How Volunteering Can Benefit Your Mind, Soul & Body?

How Volunteering Can Benefit Your Mind, Soul & Body?

Kick up your calorie burn and boost your mood by donating your time.
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We are well into the giving season, a time of year that’s a perfect reminder to give back. And while it’s certainly wonderful to be on the receiving end of kindness, there are also solid perks that come along with volunteering your time. 

Depending on the activity you chose, volunteering is an excellent way to get an additional calorie burn into your day. Also, if your workouts have become mundane, it’s a great way to shake things up, for a good cause.

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Though this time of year is usually a cause for celebration, often the chilly temps and darker days can cause a case of the blues. But spending some time volunteering can have you experiencing a boost in mental health, and a warm glow that comes along with helping others. It’s also a source of social connection, and for young adults a way to build professional skills and leadership roles.

Ways To Volunteer

If the idea of volunteering has piqued your interest but not sure where to start, here are a few ideas that will benefit your body and feed your soul.

  • Shopping for others
  • Building homes
  • Coaching kids sports
  • Earth Day clean up
  • Charity walk or run
  • Foster a dog
  • Organize a clothing drive
  • Serve a hot meal

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