Hydroxycut researchers worked tirelessly to bring you a new discovery in weight loss. After years of exploration and analysis, they discovered an ingredient combination so cutting-edge they had to patent it. The result: CurcumaSlim™, an exclusive, effective weight loss ingredient combination unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

Hydroxycut Ultra Lean



CurcumaSlim™ is an exclusive, patented ingredient combination made from curcumin and alpha lipoic acid (ALA).

Curcumin is found in turmeric, a traditional spice that’s been used for centuries. The turmeric in Hydroxycut Ultra Lean features turmeric extract standardized to deliver 95% curcuminoids. ALA is a compound that helps turn glucose into energy.

It’s a unique combination that is effective for achieving weight loss and your goals! Let your journey begin.



For years, women and men have been putting their trust in Hydroxycut. It’s a brand that has a deserved reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to research. Hydroxycut Ultra Lean has been no exception. Two scientific studies were conducted on CurcumaSlim™ (the combination of curcumin and ALA) and this research indicates it’s an effective, synergistic weight loss blend1. The key ingredients in Hydroxycut Ultra Lean also hold two patents for weight loss:  #9,770,434 and #9,040,576.

Hydroxycut Ultra Lean is also formulated to help increase energy2, as well as important vitamins. So, you can tackle your busy life and feel great while doing it.

1In two 16-week studies, subjects using the key ingredient combination CurcumaSlim™ (curcumin and ALA) lost an average of 12.56 lbs. vs. 6.12 lbs. for placebo and 4.84 lbs. vs. 0.87 lbs. for placebo, respectively. All subjects followed a calorie-reduced diet and walking program.
2Contains caffeine to help increase energy and boost metabolism.
CurcumaSlim Weight Loss



The team behind Hydroxycut Ultra Lean is dedicated to helping people lose weight.  Thanks to their passion and commitment, they turned a dream into a reality.

Raza Bashir

Raza Bashir Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Raza has been with the Hydroxycut research and development team for over 10 years, and has been one of the leads on Hydroxycut Ultra Lean and the research behind it. He’s a new dad, so you can find him in the gym working hard to make sure he can keep up with his little one!

Vaishali Joshi

Vaishali Joshi Diet, Health and Wellness Manager, Scientific Affairs

Vaishali is the expert behind the scientific trials on CurcumaSlim™. She has both a Master and a PhD, and has worked in the nutraceutical industry for several years. When Vaishali isn’t at the office, you can find her hiking the trails or travelling the globe!

Phil Apong

Philip Apong Research & Innovation Manager, Research

Phil is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a nerdy science degree, but he’s not your typical nerd. You might see him cruising around on his electric skateboard on a nice sunny day.

Kristina Trigatti

Kristina Trigatti Formulation Specialist, Research

Kristina has a Master of Science degree in Human Health & Nutritional Sciences, and has been our Formulation specialist for several years. She’s an active individual who loves hitting the gym and playing multiple sports when she’s out of the lab!

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