Circuit Day: Monday, Thursday & Saturday

Make sure to perform the workout at your maximum effort. Don’t forget, proper form is important too.

Important Tip: For best results, try to increase the difficulty of the workouts each time. You can accomplish this by decreasing your rest period and doing more circuits.

Warm Up for 3 to 5 Minutes

Warming up is important and meant to increase your heart rate, so you can have a good workout. Some great warm-up exercise are jumping jacks, skipping rope and walking for 5 minutes.

Get Started:

Beginner30 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds in between to rest.
Intermediate45 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds in between to rest.
Advanced1 minute per exercise with 10 seconds in between to rest.

Cool Down for 5 Minutes After

1. Jumping Jacks

Tip: Make sure to keep your knees a little bent for bounce.

2. Wall Sit

Tip: Add a ball behind your back and wall squat to make it harder.

3. Push-Ups

Tip: Have your knees on the floor and work your way into more advanced ones.

4. Sit-Ups

Tip: Kick your legs straight up in the air if you want to challenge yourself.

5. Chair Step-Ups

Tip: Make sure the chair is against a wall, so it doesn’t slide!

6. Squat

Tip: Add a challenge and try to get your backside as close to the floor as you can.

7. Triceps Dips on a Chair

Tip: Make sure to face the chair against the wall.

8. Plank

Tip: Try to squeeze your stomach muscles and engage your glutes as you hold the position.

9. Running on the spot

Tip: To make it more advanced, try to tap your knees on outstretched hands.

10. Lunges

Tip: Try to touch your knee to the ground with each lunge or try walking.

11. Glute Bridge

Tip: Really squeeze and hold your glutes at the top of the bridge to feel it.

10. Lying leg raises

Tip: Lift your legs as far up as you can. As you get more advanced, try to hold them static in the air.

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