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Ashley’s Bio

Full name: Ashley Cates
Current occupation: Operations Manager
Favorite cheat food: Any dessert/chocolate!
Favorite healthy food: Lemon garlic chicken zoodles
Favorite gym or cardio exercise: Spin/cycle
Favorite time to work out: Morning! Get a head start on the day!
How would your friends describe you: Adventurous, Dedicated, Optimistic

My Transformation Story

My life has completely changed with help from Hydroxycut®. I wanted to try Hydroxycut because I wanted to feel more confident about my body. I thought I didn’t have the willpower to eat healthy and exercise, and I certainly never thought I would enjoy it! My mindset has totally changed, and now I love eating healthy foods and working out!

Hydroxycut gave me the boost I needed to hit the gym. Before Hydroxycut, a long day meant I would go home, watch TV and eat comfort food; but now after a long day, I love going to spin class (it’s become like therapy). Eating clean and working out with Hydroxycut was great, and I didn’t realize that cooking healthy meals and working out could actually be fun! I wanted to become more aware of how food, supplements and exercise can have a positive effect on my body. I looked at my photos each week, and seeing the number on the scale drop wasn’t as exciting as seeing my body getting smaller each week.

My recommendation to people who want to try Hydroxycut: always have a plan! Meal prepping and scheduling my workouts helped me stay on track. I’d always take a bag of sliced cucumbers with me, so I was so much more likely to say no to any unhealthy temptation that might have presented itself. I added my workouts to my calendar as appointments, so I wouldn’t miss them! Stick with Hydroxycut! My life has been changed for the better thanks to my Hydroxycut Transformation, and I’m never going back!




Ashley’s Info

*Ashley used the key ingredient in Hydroxycut® (C. canephora robusta) with diet and exercise, and was remunerated. Results may vary. People using the key ingredient in a 60-day study lost an average of 10.95 lbs. with a low-calorie diet, and 3.7 lbs. in a separate 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise. View full study here.

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