You work a 40-hour week, cook all your meals, pick the kids up after work, do laundry, put the kids to bed and clean the house – where do you find the time to work out and stay healthy? It nearly seems impossible, but it’s not! Just breathe and keep these easy tips close by for when you feel overwhelmed.

Get your family involved:

Everyone benefits from an active, healthy lifestyle. Be a great role model and help your kids understand the benefits of staying fit and healthy.

Schedule your workouts:

You use a calendar at work and schedule meetings throughout the day, so it should be easy to do the same in your personal life. Pick a day – such as Sundays, which may be a more flexible day to schedule that “me time.” Write down your workout days along with the workout (for workout ideas check out the Hydroxycut® app). Not sure what to do? Try picking a few fitness classes at your gym, so you have that time blocked off in your calendar.

Meal prep:

You are probably packing your kids’ lunches every night or at least a few times a week, so why not add yourself to the mix. Try doing it twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. That way, food stays fresh and you have the ability to mix things up.

Keep healthy snacks foods at work:

Instant oatmeal (plain), dried fruit, peanut butter and a mixture of nuts are all great options to keep at work to make breakfasts convenient and healthy. A healthy snack at 3:00 p.m. will help keep you from overeating or rushing dinner.

Your phone is your best friend:

The Hydroxycut app is great for those on the go who lead a busy life! Our app will help you track your food and give you at-home workouts you can do once the kids are in bed or before they wake up in the morning. The best part? Your food, supplement schedule and exercise plan are all included! Plus it’s free!

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