Healthy Summer Survival Guide

As summer quickly approaches, the weekends begin to fill up. Before you know it your calendar is stacked, and most events revolve around dining out (and possibly pigging out). But with a few simple strategies and pre-planned programs, you can easily navigate your summer fun, all while keeping your weight loss goals in check.

Amusement Parks

Keeping things healthy at this summer event is probably the most challenging of them all. First off, try and find a healthy meal in the park. Secondly, if you find one, what is the likelihood it’s not going to break the bank? Do yourself and your wallet a big favor; bring a big knapsack, toss in some ice packs and pack your healthy meals for the day. Of if you have your car and are allowed in and out privileges, pack a cooler for a big picnic lunch. And since you’ll be running from one wild ride to the next, don’t forget your Hydroxycut® Instant Drink Mix. It will keep your energy up, especially during ride wait times.

Baseball Games

Save your waistline and your pocketbook a bundle. Ballpark franks and bevvies are usually pricey, and besides the peanuts, we dare you to find one healthy thing on the menu. Instead, fuel up pre-game at home with a healthy meal. Then post-game, if your team wins, invite the gang for a healthy BBQ back at your place.


You know what weddings can be like. Ceremony at 2 p.m., followed by and followed by and followed by. Hours can pass without anything to eat or drink, and by 6 p.m. you’re ready to tackle the waiter who’s circulating the canapés at the reception. So before you head to the church, eat an egg white and asparagus omelet with avocado slices on the side. All three foods will keep you full for hours. And pack some almonds in your clutch in case the munchies hit.

The Movies

Cruise over to the drive-in movie theatre instead of your regular multiplex. It may sound like an antiquated notion, but there are many perks of a night at the drive-in. First of all, you get two or even three movies for the price of one. You get to enjoy a movie curled up in a blanket, in your pajamas. And finally, you can bring in all the contraband snacks you desire. This means an abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and your own homemade popcorn!

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