Christmas Cookie Baking Hacks

person decorating christmas cookies
Spread holiday cheer by making this season’s cookies your best yet with better-for-you holiday hacks.

Bakers gonna bake, so this year why not switch things up by giving your classic cookie recipes a twist. With these simple swaps that don’t sacrifice on taste, friends and fam will be requesting them every year. 

Healthier Swaps 

There are a number of substitutions you can make that will help cut down on fat or sugar content, while still keeping yummy taste intact. Instead of vegetable oil, try apple sauce. Avocado can often replace butter and when you swap out half of the white flour for with whole-wheat, you’re upping the fiber content as well. Dark chocolate adds a rich and satisfying flavor, so try it instead of milk chocolate or semi-sweet.  

Healthier Additions & Subtractions 

Sometimes the best cookies are the crunchiest, and one easy way to create crunch is by topping your cookies with seeds. Try sesame, sunflower, or pumpkin. For an extra flavor kick, make it a cozy one with comforting spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. And try sneaking in more nutrition by mixing veggies like beets and zucchini into the batter.  

Along with adding healthy options, there are ways to scale back that will save the calorie and sugar count. Instead of spreading on a thick layer of icing, just a drizzle will do. When a recipe calls for sugar, reduce the amount by a third or a quarter. And when a recipe suggests raisins or nuts, cut that amount in half. 

Healthier Hacks 

When it comes to recipes that call for jam or jelly (think thumb print cookies) make your own. DIY versions will contain much less sugar than store bought. If you prefer to stick to traditional cookie recipes, but want to stay on track with your goals, be conscious of portion size. Instead of full-size cookies, make them mini’s or one-bite. That way you can sample a few, guilt free.