Everyone knows how it feels to wake up feeling puffy and bloated. Those are the days when it is hard to look or feel your best.

1. Start each day with warm lemon water

Lemon can help you feel refreshed in the morning. So make this a part of your morning routine to help you de-bloat throughout the day.

2. Don’t eat on the go

We all have busy schedules, and sometimes we find ourselves eating on the run. Take it from us – DON’T! When you eat on the go (literally), you swallow gas-producing air. Take time to sit down, chew your food well and enjoy what you eat. You deserve it.


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3. Limit your raw veggie intake

Raw veggies, which have a high fiber content can be tough to digest, leaving us to feel bloated after we eat them. Try cooking your veggies (grilled, steamed or roasted) lightly to help breakdown the skins, especially before a big outing where you want to look and feel your best.

4. Drink more water

Are you getting enough water? Not getting enough could be contributing to your bloating. Try sipping on water regularly. Water keeps things moving and will help boost your metabolism.

5. Cut the salt

Sodium can be one of the biggest reasons we retain water. It causes fluid build-up that increases blood volume and makes your heart work harder. Cut back and always look on the labels of foods. You should be walking away from foods that contains any more than 20% of your recommended daily intake per serving. Home cooked meals have way less sodium than meals on the go.

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