We often receive questions asking how the people in our success stories are able to slim down and look so fit. Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how hard it is to stay motivated. We share success stories so you can see how people just like you were able to lose weight, look great and feel fantastic. Read the scoop behind our success stories, and learn how real people have seen results.

Why We Do It

Everyone has a level of skepticism when it comes to diet products. It’s only natural. Hydroxycut, when taken as directed on the label and used in conjunction with diet and exercise, can work. Hydroxycut is scientifically researched and it really works!

Who Are They

All of our success stories are motivated people who want to get in shape. They are moms, friends, students and professionals who lead busy lifestyles. They have gained weight and are now finding it hard to lose. They want something to help them stay motivated during their weight loss journey.

What’s Involved – Planning and Commitment

Meal planning
All our success stories follow a low-calorie meal plan based on their dietary and weight loss needs. The plan includes three balanced, low-calorie meals a day containing a mix of proteins, carbs and fats. Just like our success stories, you can find your customizable meal plan here.

Fitness planning
Exercise is important for successful weight loss, and each of our success stories follows an exercise plan that fits their lifestyle and athletic abilities. It uses a combination of cardio and strength training. Muscles burn calories when you are resting, so it is important to build muscle and strength. Click here for some of our workouts.

The people featured in our success stories all used Hydroxycut® to help them reach their goals. Depending on their lifestyles, these individuals can mix and match their Hydroxycut supplements. Some can take Hydroxycut caplets or capsules in the morning before breakfast, then Hydroxycut Gummies or Hydroxycut Drink Mix before lunch, while others can use the Hydroxycut 99%Caffeine Free before dinner. Whatever the schedule, there is a Hydroxycut® that fits their lifestyle.

The Reward: Looking Great and Feeling Fantastic
The success stories featured on our website and advertising, share one thing in common: all of them felt that Hydroxycut taught them how to live a lifestyle that was rewarded with fantastic weight loss success. If they can do it, then so can you!

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