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Don’t attend farmer’s markets? You’re missing out! Here are seven reasons to start shopping at farmer’s markets.

1. Support locals

Instead of buying from massive food companies, it feels good to support a neighbor and help put food on the table in your own community.

2. Know where your food is coming from

Rather than questioning the origins of the food you buy, you know your food is coming from a local farm, and you can even shake the hands that tended the crops and livestock.

3. Get more details about your food

Not only do you know where the food comes from, but you can ask questions about how the food was created. Want something non-GMO and vegan? Just ask and the farmer can verify how they go about growing their crops or caring for their livestock.

4. Reduce fuel emissions

A lot of the food in grocery stores has to travel thousands of miles to end up on your plate. This typically means more trucks on the road, which harms the environment. Do your part in lessening this by buying local and lowering the demand for big trucks on the road.

5. It’s outside

Especially if you work indoors all day, the last thing you want to do is spend more time indoors. There are plenty of health benefits associated with direct sunshine, so get out there!

6. Less storage time and handling

If foods have been transported thousands of miles, many hands have touched those foods, and they’ve been sitting in a truck for days. At a farmer’s market, you know your foods have been picked recently and touched by few hands.

7. Connect with locals

Go make friends! Everyone goes to the grocery store, but farmer’s markets are often filled with people who are passionate about health and eating clean. You might just find a new workout buddy or fitness friend.

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