January and February can be tough months. Temps can be frigid, sunshine is limited, and the amount of cash we dropped during the holidays has put our social lives on hold.

But, it’s not too late to turn this season around. With these five key strategies in place, not only will you survive this winter, but you’ll also thrive. All bets are on — winter is about to become your favorite season.

1. Be a Kid Again

Nothing will put a smile on your face and a flush in your cheeks faster than engaging in a little fun in the snow. Tobogganing, ice skating, and we’ll even condone snowball fights.

2. Embrace the Rom-Com

No era mastered the chick flick quite like the ‘90s, though 2019 is following closely behind. Spend a day in your PJs indulging in this genre. Singing along to the soundtracks is mandatory.

3. Channel Your Domestic Goddess

This time of the year is perfect for experimenting with hearty soups and stews. Or you can give your preserving skills a try. Jams, jellies and marmalades in cute jars… and get the gals involved for an all-day event.

4. Redecorate

Start the year off fresh by giving your home a mini makeover. You’ll be amazed at how delighted you become just from moving the furniture around. You’ll also burn a few cals in the process.

5. Do Some Good Deeds

Donate, volunteer, or simply give up your seat for someone on the bus. These little deeds will go a long way and keep your heart full.

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