Some of the best motivators for losing weight are your wardrobe and closet. Everyone has clothes that they are keeping with the hopes of losing weight and wearing them again. Whether it is your favorite party dress or pair of jeans, here are tips on how to turn those inspiration pieces into motivation for your weight loss journey. Sometimes looking in your closet while on your journey to lose weight can be discouraging. Don’t let it get the best of you. Use your closet as motivation to help you look and feel great! These tips – plus diet and exercise – will help you gain back your confidence.

1. Display the clothing that fits you right now at the front of your closet:

This allows you to see what will fit you right now! By doing this, you eliminate seeing all the clothing that you want to fit into. Remember, you are just getting started on this journey, so now is not the time to set unrealistic goals. Be patient and content with the “right now.”

2. Throw out anything too big for you:

Let’s face it; we always have clothing that is too big for us sitting in our closet. Our motives and intentions are always good by keeping them there, but the NEW you doesn’t need them. Give them to a local charity or sell them at a secondhand shop. You may have recently reached some of your goals as well, so this is a great celebration for you.


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3. Store the rest:

All of us save the clothing we know we’ll fit into again, and that’s okay! But for now, store them away, out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes the distraction of these smaller clothes can zap your confidence – we want you to stay as positive as you can! If you want, you can keep one item of clothing you want to fit into in your closet as a little motivation.

4. Your closet should be a happy place:

When our closets are tidy and organized, we feel happier and better getting ready in the morning. Put a few of your current favorite items in a place you can see them. Keep things hung up and folded neatly. Opening your closet and seeing items you love will make you feel happy!

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