Getting Back Your Confidence

a woman holding up her dress
Being confident and happy is important, and often how we carry ourselves can sometimes rub off on the people around us.

We all go through mentally challenging times, especially when it comes to losing weight. It can make you feel all sorts of feelings, and not always good ones! Being confident and happy is important, and often how we carry ourselves can sometimes rub off on the people around us. Here are some ways to get that confidence back, so you can stay motivated at reaching your goals.



Putting words on paper can help us reflect and understand ourselves. It’s a great way to vent without anyone judging you. Pick a time that works best for you – the beginning or end of the day are usually great times to reflect. If you have a busy schedule, try to journal at least twice a week. It’s important to make time for YOU! Remember to be honest with how you are feeling and try to end each journal session with a new goal.


Begin the day with motivation

Look online for some quotes that inspire you and motivate you to reach your goals. Losing weight can be hard, but remember, you’ve got this! Print out 10 to 20 of your favorites and put them somewhere close by, so you can see them every morning. Another way to begin your day is to set one goal – something like “today I will take the stairs,” or “I will drink more water today.” Simple motivators can go a long way!


Rethink the word failure

So many people think failure is a negative word, especially when you have serious weight loss goals, but it’s not. Rethink it – not everything you will do will be successful, and you’ll have a few bumps along the way. Failure is part of success. It’s part of how we learn which steps along this process are right for us.


Stay energized and upbeat

The more energized you are, the more you’ll make the time to stay active along this journey. The more active you are, the more confident you become. Yes, it’s hard at the end of the day to work out and eat right, but by changing that mindset and staying upbeat, you’ll crush your workouts! Remember that Hydroxycut® can help your energy levels through the day, so make sure you stay on top of your dosages.

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Set smart goals

When we don’t reach our goals, our confidence goes out the window. Too often we set unrealistic goals that are hard to reach. Be smart and set goals that are reasonable. Up your workouts by an extra 5 minutes every week or increase your weights by 5 pounds at a time. Less is sometimes more – and the little steps will go a long way.

Lastly, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve got this! We are confident that you can reach your goals and succeed!