Instead of settling for a 5 p.m. dinner reservation with a fixed menu that lacks imagination, why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some active fun instead? From relaxed to inventive, and some that will thrill your competitive side, there’s something for every couple. You’ll get your heart pumping, metabolism revving, and enjoy some quality time with your one and only. Bonus: tons of social media photo opps. Send us your best! #MyGoalsMyWay

Just for Fun

Bowling: The worse your skills are, the more fun you’ll have. Bring on the gutter balls.

Calorie Burn: 105 in 30 minutes

Trampoline Park: Feel like teenagers again, at least for half an hour.

Calorie Burn: 126 in 30 minutes

Test Your Skill

Indoor Rock Climbing: For the couples who like friendly competition!

Calorie Burn: 500 in 60 minutes

Ice skating: Hello, Winter Olympics! Channel your inner Kristi Yamaguchi and Elvis Stojko.

Calorie Burn: 387 in 60 minutes

Hot & Steamy

Hot Yoga: It’s hot, literally. The only plan you’ll want to make for afterwards is to hydrate!

Calorie Burn: 300 in 90 minutes

Salsa Lesson: Go cheek to cheek this V-Day with this super romantic activity!

Calorie Burn: 400 in 60 minutes

Get Outside

Nature Hike: Hold hands as you hike to a beautiful location, then reward yourselves with a romantic picnic including healthy options.

Calorie Burn: 430 in 60 minutes

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