The day of love is upon us! There are some people who absolutely live for this holiday, but for others, it’s just another day on the calendar. If you’re one of the latter people, we’re here to change your tune. Valentine’s Day might seem like an unnecessarily cheesy holiday, but it’s a great way to celebrate ourselves and the people around us, whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo. Keep reading for some (very convincing) reasons why you should celebrate Cupid’s day this year.

1. You can cheese it up

All the ooey-gooey I love you’s and the pink and red everything might seem obnoxious, but sometimes, it feels good to just let out some joy. Have you ever heard that smiling can make you happier? Smiling, even if it’s a fake smile, can trick your brain into believing you’re happy, which then spurs actual feelings of happiness, thanks to the release of dopamine and serotonin (the feel-good chemicals in your brain).

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to take this idea to the next level. Smile for no reason, compliment a stranger or tell someone you love them! This day is all about the warm, fuzzy feeling you get in your heart when something makes you happy – why wouldn’t you want to spread that?

2. It’s basically a built-in cheat day

Chocolate. Need we say more?

There are promotions on all sorts of sweets going on at every single grocery store right now, so why not take advantage of it and treat yourself to some of your favorite indulgences? Grab some heart-healthy dark chocolate for a great price. If dessert isn’t your thing, use this day as an excuse to cook your favorite meal for yourself or your loved ones. Doing this pretty much guarantees you’ll make your heart and your stomach happy, so it’s a win-win.

Also – pretty much every pink drink that’s ever existed is tasty. Just saying.

3. To me, love me

Valentine’s Day is the best holiday to treat yourself. This is one of the only holidays (other than your birthday) that can be totally about you, if you want it to be. Have you been window shopping a great dress for the past month? Buy it. Have you been craving a massage or a weekend getaway? Book it.

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and miss out on those little things that bring us joy. Take this day to slow down and focus on what makes you happiest.

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