Change your morning routine and feel slimmer with these smart tips.

Get up with the sun

It’s simple – morning light helps regulate your internal clock, which helps support your sleep schedule. Try to aim for at least 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine in the a.m. Sit outside, go for a walk or even eat breakfast outside. Just enjoy the benefits of the sun.

Switch your commute

If you live close to work and you are driving, STOP! Walk, bike or even take public transportation (which requires you to walk). Making these small changes helps get your body moving and burns a few extra calories.


We cannot stress this enough – EAT YOUR BREAKFAST! It’ll get your metabolism up and running for the long day ahead. If you usually have a busy morning, try prepping your breakfast on Sundays for the week.

Get sweaty

Give your metabolism a boost that lasts the entire day and hit the gym first thing in the morning. If you are super tired, take Hydroxycut® Instant Drink Mix to get energized.

Drink up

As soon as your feet hit the ground in the morning, head to your kitchen to pour yourself a big glass of water and add lemon! Sip until you leave. You can even pack a water bottle with lemon and water for your commute or to keep by your desk.

Dress to impress

Pick out clothing that you feel confident wearing to work. Something that you know you look and feel good in! It’ll give you a boost, and you’ll have a positive day.

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