Top 10 Water Exercises | Hydroxycut

Why stay cooped up in a gym when you can be getting a fantastic workout outside? Here’s a list of 10 exercises you can do in the pool to mix things up.

1. Jog on the spot

To warm up, do some light jogging. When you’re ready, kick it up a notch and aim to bring your knees as high as possible with explosive strides.

2. Squat jumps

Go from squatting as low as you can to jumping as high as you can.

3. Flutter kicks

Hold on to the side of the pool with your arms stretched in front of you, and kick as fast as you can! (Don’t bug other swimmers with this one.)


4. Tread on the spot

Make this one a challenge. See how long you can tread for, then challenge others!

5. Outer-thigh lift

Stand next to the pool wall, facing down the length of the wall. Place your right hand on the wall and lift your left leg laterally, away from your right leg. Switch sides and repeat.

6. Run

Wade from one end of the pool to another as fast as possible! This will get tiring fast, but it burns tons of calories.

7. Butt kicks

Self-explanatory. Kick your butt.

8. Jab punches

Squat low, so your shoulders are under the surface of the water, and punch your arms out in front of you as fast as you can!

9. Standing kickbacks

Stand facing the wall with your hands on the wall. One at a time, kick each leg back and up, activating your thighs and glutes.

10.  Just swim!

It’s simple – just do some laps! Challenge yourself by setting distance and time goals.

Hop off that stationary bike and get a refreshing workout in the sun!


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