If you feel like your desk job is limiting your fit potential, we’ve got the remedy for that.

  1. Find excuses to move. Go to your co-worker’s desk and talk face-to-face instead of instant messaging. Choose the farthest printer for your docs.
  2. Try a stability ball for a chair. It’ll just be for a few minutes in the beginning, but eventually you’ll increase the time. You may never use your old desk chair again.
  3. Park far. Safely pick a far parking spot to get a little movement in pre- and post-shift.
  4. If you take transit, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way.
  5. Take the stairs (no explanation necessary).
  6. Drink water all day long, and get up often to refill your bottle
  7. Need to make a call? Make it on your mobile and take a lap.
  8. Eat wisely. If you don’t get a chance to move, you’ll feel good knowing that your day is stocked with healthy choices.
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