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Tired of doing the same old workout? Can’t get motivated to go to the gym? It’s time to mix things up with one of these unconventional new fitness trends! They may seem a little strange, but whether it’s doing Pilates on a skateboard or swimming like a mermaid, they’ll definitely get you having fun while you get fit.

1. Aqua Spinning

A submerged spin class is one you’ve got to try! Not only is biking under water an exciting sensation, but the resistance of the water makes it a fantastic workout.

2. Kangoo Jumps

You might have seen these trampoline-like boots before. Kangoo Jumps are super low-impact shoes designed to be gentler on your joints, but also to provide a fun, bouncy workout!

3. Skateboarding Pilates

A skateboard is a smooth, sliding foundation for plenty of different exercises like plank crunches, sliding (side to side) planks and lunges. No experience or board shoes required!

4. Mermaid Class

That’s right. Slide into a mermaid tail and get swimming! This special kind of aquatics class is a fantastic (and amusing) challenge – especially for your core.

5. Obstacle Courses

Here’s a fun one to challenge your workout buddies to! If you’re not up for the muddy, rough terrain of an organized obstacle race, why not set up a short circuit in the backyard? Make it multi-level and keep trying to improve your time!


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