Working out with a friend isn’t just more fun, it can also be more effective in helping you reach your fitness goals. If you have like-minded friends that aim to get fit like you do, you should be working out together too, and here’s why.

1. Push each other

Make each other accountable. Make sure they will drag you out of bed if they need to, and ensure you do the same! Also make sure you’re pushing each other once you get to the gym. Encourage each other to do the stair machine instead of the bike, or increase the weight if they’re not being challenged enough. Plus, a little competition is a great motivator! Even something as simple as seeing who can do the plank longer or who can do more push-ups can be great ways to push one another to new heights.

2. Distract each other

We hope you and a friend aren’t too distracting that you don’t work out at all, but a little distraction is a great way to take your mind off the workout! Engage in some conversation and watch the time fly. Knowing that your workout will entail a few laughs and a post-workout meal with a friend will have you looking forward to hitting the gym rather than dreading it. You could also get more creative with partner exercises. Have fun with it!

3. Buddy system

Going to a class or a jog around the neighborhood can be an intimidating thing for beginners. Try and remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone has been at the same point you are. If these types of things make you anxious, going with a friend can help alleviate this stress and make you more comfortable exercising.

Having fun with a training buddy is simply a great way to socialize without derailing your nutrition and fitness goals. Next time you plan on catching up with a friend over coffee, try heading to the gym instead.


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