Trying to keep up with your dog isn’t just great motivation for you – it’s important for your pup to get exercise too! Go out and burn some steam together! You could:

1. Run

Try to race each other with some fun sprinting!

2. Kayak

Make sure the waters are calm (no white-water kayaking), and you’re both wearing floatation devices.

3. Bike

This one might not be much of a workout for those with big dogs. Don’t cheat – make sure you’re still pedaling!

4. Paddleboard

Paddleboard with Your Dog

This will definitely take your balance (and your shoulder strength) to the next level.

5. Rollerblade

Don’t try this one with a fast dog on a leash ‐ we don’t want any broken limbs.

6. Play Soccer

Not all dogs are going to be into this one. However, if you have a herding dog, then a game of 1-on-1 could be a great workout.

7. Catch

Play a simple game of catch with your dog. Instead of standing in one spot, every time you throw the ball, sprint to another spot to throw from next.

8. Swim

See who can fetch the chew toy or get across the pool the fastest.

9. Hike

Hiking with Your Dog

Just make sure you bring water and snacks for you and your hiking partner.

10. Do Yoga

Try some yoga – also known as doga – with your four-legged friend, as long as they are willing and enjoying it. This one is sure to bring the two of you even closer than before!


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