Fitness Articles

A 15-minute workout you’ll love!

With social distancing becoming the new reality, your gym or fitness studio has most likely shuttered its doors for now. If you want to keep your activity level up or even just add a little break [...]

Staying Fit on Campus

If you’re lacking the motivation or feeling like you don’t have time to squeeze in a quick sweat, fear not – we have some solutions.

3 Reasons to Work Out with a Friend

Working out with a friend isn't just more fun, it can also be more effective in helping you reach your fitness goals. If you have like-minded friends that aim to get fit like you do, you should [...]

Top 10 Water Exercises

Why stay cooped up in a gym when you can be getting a fantastic workout outside? Here’s a list of 10 exercises you can do in the pool to mix things up.

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