Don’t let unhealthy eating on game day get in the way of your goals! Tailgating may include some not-so-healthy food choices, so it’s important you are armed with the right tools to help you stay the course along your weight loss journey.

1. Get a jump start on your day with 30 to 60 minutes of activity. Go for a walk, to the gym or play some pick-up football with friends before the game.

2. Heading to a party? Bring a dish! Turkey meatballs, low-sodium lunch meat roll-ups, a veggie tray with a low-fat dip, or a nacho dip made with Greek yogurt, homemade salsa and low-fat cheese (serve with whole grain or pita chips).

3. Watching the game live? Pack mini sandwiches with some protein, like turkey, chicken or ham, and lots of fresh vegetables, so you have more options than just barbecue or hotdogs and hamburgers.

4. Change up your chili. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef, which is lower in fat, and add beans for more variety and flavor.

5. Pack a healthy snack just in case you don’t see anything that aligns with your goals. An example would be an apple and a ziplock baggie with nuts you can easily throw in your bag.

6. Stay hydrated. Pack or bring bottles of water with you. Add lemon or lime to give your water some flavor.

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