Snack time doesn’t have to mean reaching for the sweet or the salty pitfalls! Try these tried-and-true options that are not only healthy, but will also prevent you from potentially overindulging at dinner.


Chicken/Turkey Breast

Get three to four thin slices of chicken/turkey breast meat (low sodium, if possible) and add a low-fat string cheese.



Eggs are always a great option. Pack two hard-boiled eggs with an apple (peel them before you pack them in a ziplock bag to minimize odor).



Chop up veggies such as cucumber, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers, and add two tablespoons of hummus for dipping. Flavor and filling!


Cottage Cheese

Looking for something creamier? Try a single-serve cottage cheese cup with two to three flatbread crackers.



You can never go wrong with the goodness of tuna! Get a snack packet or easy-open can (packed in water) with two to three flatbread crackers – and you settle the craving while still staying focused.

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