How to get yourself ready for bikini season

group of friends at the beach

Whether it’s a beach vacation or hanging poolside, we all want to feel confident wearing a swimsuit. Sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming to come up with a plan on your own, so here are a few tips to help you prepare for the summer months.

Top 5 Tips for Success

meal planning

Starting a weight loss journey can be incredibly rewarding, but it takes planning and preparation in order to successfully reach your goals.

Coach Sarah’s Tailgating Tips!

bowl of chili

Don’t let unhealthy eating get in the way! Tailgating may include some not-so-healthy food choices, so it’s important you are armed with the right tools.

Coach Sarah Snack Tips

coach sarah 5 snack tips

Snack time doesn’t have to mean reaching for the sweet or the salty pitfalls! Try these tried-and-true options that are not only healthy, but will also prevent you from potentially overindulging at dinner.