Back to School, Back to Routine

Back to School, Back to Routine

Here’s a quick five-item checklist to help you keep it all on track.
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As summer came to a close, parents around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief as their babies headed back to school. Summer was wonderful, but it was long. For many parents, those eight weeks can feel endless. Keeping the kiddos occupied is one thing, never mind the administrative duties. It takes the most sophisticated of spreadsheets to keep track of camps, soccer games, playdates and family getaways.

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But, once Labor Day rolls around, parents get giddy as time becomes their own again. The day revolves around their schedules and the phrase “Mom/Dad, I’m bored” becomes a distant memory. Healthy and organized meals return. Bedtimes become standard. And there’s at least eight hours of daytime freedom while the little cuties are someone else’s problem.

Now, whether you have children or fur babies, or you’re living single and loving it, it’s safe to say that we all ease up on the rules during the summer. So, now that you’re a few weeks into fall, how are your healthy habits doing? Here’s a quick five-item checklist to help you keep it all on track.

1. Sunday meal prep

Take the day to prepare lunch and dinner fixings for the week. Meals just became super low maintenance.

2. Keep moving

If your lifestyle allows you gym time, amazing. If not, how about a mini workout of squats and push-ups as soon as you pop out of bed? If you work in an office or from home, try a brisk lunchtime walk around the block.

3. Chill time

A nice bubble bath, an hour in front of the TV or a few chapters of your book. If the kids are occupied, indulge in the early evening, before you get too tired.

4. Enjoy a night out

A cooking or yoga class is the perfect “two birds with one stone” activity.

5. Don’t forget your Hydroxycut.

Need we say more?

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