Healthy Picnic Tips

Healthy Picnic Tips

Check out our eight tips to keep your picnic health-conscious.

Preparing for a picnic? Not sure what to pack? Sure, hotdogs and chips are quick and easy, but there are definitely better options if you’re looking to stay toned this summer. We’re here to help! Check out our eight tips to keep your picnic health-conscious.

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1. Get Off the Blanket

Be sure to bring a volleyball net or soccer ball to get up and burn off those calories from lunch. Better yet, have a picnic near a pool or beach, so you can get a swimming workout in too! The very best option is to plan a hike to get to the perfect picnic spot.

2. Cut the Soda

You should have seen this one coming. Although they’re quick and easy, sodas are sugar-packed, and there are plenty of wiser alternatives.

3. Watch the Sauce

Salads and meats might taste better loaded up with dressing or sauce, but those are also loaded with unneeded salt and fat. Try eating without these extras, or at least switch to a lighter alternative, like a vinaigrette.

4. Redefine Dessert

Rather than grabbing a round of ice cream cones, pack some fruit cups! They’re just as sweet and much more health-conscious.

5. Choose Lean Meats

Rather than hamburgers and hotdogs, try grilled chicken in lettuce wraps. Need one the kids will be a fan of? Go for chicken kebabs!

6. Skip the Chips

Replace chips with a fruit and veggie platter and a light dip. Unlike chips, the fiber in veggies will keep you fuller for longer.

7. Bring a Helping Hand

Don’t forget to pack your Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix and enjoy a metabolism-boosting drink that’s refreshing and tastes great!

8. Plan Ahead

If you really want to indulge a little, don’t sweat it. Cut back a little during the week or add another workout to your schedule to account for a hiccup in your diet and provide for a fun, guilt-free picnic.

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