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Success Stories

Lindsey Schneider–Bennett

Lost 32 lbs.

Eric Bennett

Lost 44 lbs.

Jennifer McNamara

Lost 40 lbs.

Choose a Hydroxycut Weight Loss Success Story!

Individuals used the key ingredients in Hydroxycut with diet and exercise and were remunerated. People in 12- and 8-week studies using key ingredients and a calorie-reduced diet lost 20.94 and 16.50 lbs.

Dan Austin

Lost 54 lbs.

Sarena Cowles

Lost 30 lbs.

Brenda Born

Lost 37 lbs.

Jessica Kairouz

Lost 34 lbs.

Cassie Brunke

Lost 34 lbs.

Josh Black

Lost 30 lbs.

Monica Robles

Lost 39 lbs.

Gary Shergill

Lost 41 lbs.

Sierra Enticknap

Lost 42 lbs.

Bryan Smith

Lost 32 lbs.

Susie Ross

Lost 34 lbs.

Jon Hall

Lost 27 lbs.

Ziyadah Alease

Lost 43 lbs.

Cindy Goudie

Lost 35 lbs.

Kyle Chasse

Lost 25 lbs.

Ashley Weber

Lost 47 lbs.

Kelicea Meadows

Lost 32 lbs.

Jordyn Rice

Lost 37 lbs.

Claire Yvonne

Lost 31 lbs.

Dan Hopper

Lost 54 lbs.


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